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03-09-2005, 02:34 PM
There's a major sports event going on...The Canadian Curling Championships.....and "Brier tueday" had it's share of upsets. notably Adams over Ferbey...however the great Ferbey came back to form on wednesday.

Wed, March 9, 2005

Ferbey demolishes Dutiaume
Randy battle a lopsided affair
By Terry Jones

EDMONTON -- The Lunch Box came to the Brier saying he was "happier than a pig in poop." Then Randy Ferbey ate his lunch.

"I feel like the poop today," he said.

Six weeks ago, Randy Dutiaume was pretty much just another club curler in Manitoba. Yesterday he felt like one again.

After facing Ferbey yesterday at the Canadian men's curling championship, you could say he was left in what you might call a Red River daze. Except, in a strange way, it almost sounded like he treasured the experience.

"We're 27-4 since we put this team together, and that's the first time we had our ass kicked.

"But who better to have your ass kicked by than Randy Ferbey?

"Who better to have your ass kicked by than a rink like that?" asked the self-nicknamed Lunch Box after what turned into a 9-5 loss in which he shook hands with Ferbey sitting three and a rock to be thrown in the seventh end for what would have been a second four-ender in the same game.

Randy vs. Randy game was supposed to be a dandy. It wasn't.

"We've never been beat like that," said Dutiaume, who looked like a buffalo caught in headlights.

Six weeks ago the Manitoba skip put a new rink together, went 16-1 to make it to the provincials, where he went 7-1 to get here. He won his first three games at his first Brier and was 4-1 going into the game against the three-time Brier champions.

With Newfoundland's Brad Gushue losing in the morning, it was Alberta-Manitoba for first place live from Rexall Place in Edmonton. OK, not live on TV. CBC or any other channel did not televise the draw.

Ever see a buffalo get hit by a freight train?

First Ferbey nailed him with a four-ender. Then the Albertans backed up and ran over the Buffalo Boys again. Steal of three.

Seven points in back-to-back ends!

Alberta 7, Manitoba 1. After three.

"You have that happen to you, you better take away a lesson," said Dutiaume.

"We stole one on the first end. That's what we'd hoped to do.

"If we learned anything from that game it is how Ferbey approaches a game. He orchestrates a game so they have a chance to score four."

It was the fourth four-ender for the Ferbey Four, which also has a five-ender to their credit in this ballistic Brier.

Ferbey, now 52-7 at the Brier to pass his old skip Pat Ryan, who won 51, was back in total control of his destiny, alone in first place with a 6-1 record.

Dutiaume couldn't wait to get to the rink to meet the team which had won its record 50th Brier game together Monday before suffering its first loss of the week to Nova Scotia later in the day.

"That's what this is all about. You want to play against rinks like Randy Ferbey. That's how you find out how good you are," said Dutiaume.