View Full Version : The exodus from Institutional Christianity (IC)

03-11-2005, 07:10 PM
To those who, like my son, rejected Christianity because of what you saw in those calling themselves 'christian' and all of the money grabbing anctics you saw, here is part of a letter I wrote to my son.

'You said that if someone is a 'servant' of Christ, ie a pastor, they should not receive a salary. Well apparently you are not alone. There is a mass exodus going on among Christians, and these are no light-weights. This exodus was started by those who were once pastors, biblical scholars or functioned in some other ministry in their churches. They are calling for a mass exodus of the IC, exposing a bunch of heresies in the IC, including that pastors should not get a salary, but should work as the apostle Paul did, also showing in the very same christian Bible that tithing is 'unscriptural', and they are leaving in droves. It appears that you were right!!! They are getting together in small groups, where no-one is more important than anyone else, no one gets paid, the only ones to get anything are those in need; leaving the corruption behind. How amazing, they trace the corruption to Augustine in 300AD, yet 1700 years later, some people are waking up, and you saw through it all along!!

At the same time, there is some other weird thing coming out of the 'charismatic movement', where certain people are claiming to be prophets or super-apostles, and putting out all of these weird books. They are pimping their books on amazon as prophecy from Christ, what a hoax. Maybe some 'spirit' told them something or it was just their overactive imagination. It is like stargate, or startrek, but not even good sci fi. LOL

I recently found a poem written by you, a long time after you denounced Christianity. However, in that poem, you are a servant warrior with a cross on your chest, doing what is right. Protecting goods meant to go to poor children, in much the same way that you went into that hurricaine this last year to help those people at the TB hospital, where you now work. Christianity as a religion is now exposed for what it really is. Christ did a wonderful thing for humanity, attempting to free mankind from the slavery of all of the 'legalism'. Not knowing your exact beliefs, but seeing that you 'reflect Christ' way more than this collosal joke called Christianity. I am not saying you are perfect, but you had the wisdom to see through the sham, while the rest of us were stuck in a legalistic, sham of a religion called Christianity. I am certain that if all lined up who claim to be christian, and Christ came along, and separated out the 'hypocrits, broods of vipers', very few would be left.

Christ never intended to start a religion. He came to free us from that BS, and even died for the words he spoke. Now, I do, of course believe that Christ was God in the flesh, but I am walking out on this fake, money grabbing religion. I do not abandon my God, but like so many others, I am doing the exodus thing. For the Bible taught that those who had received the Holy Spirit, He resides in the heart of them, not in man made structures, so if He be in me, I do not abandon Him, but I walk away from the corruption and lies called IC.'