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03-16-2005, 03:45 AM
Room 02
by di-ve.com
Wednesday, 16th March, 2005

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This weeks' Room O2 will be featuring a transformation of a multi-purpose room, which can serve both as a dining room and as a games room. It is considered to be perfect for homes with no extra room to have a games room.

The main furniture feature is the dining table that becomes a billiard table therefore the furniture in the room was kept in theme with the billiards table style and finish.

Eight columns were placed around the four walls of the room the encircle the main feature of the room, the billiard/dining table.

Each column was further enhanced with a coving around it and was also painted in the same colour the wall was done up.

The symmetry of the room was kept throughout the design. This however excludes the seating area created between two columns on one wall. This seating area is ideal for all players waiting for their turn to play as well as for those having dinner and wish to enjoy a drink before sitting at the dining table. The seating area is multi-purpose as well.

Lighting is extremely important in this room especially due to the fact that the lights used for the billiards have to serve as good lights for the dining table too. Floor lights at each column were placed to create light on the floor.

The soft furnishings, self printed black out material was used because it has two important features, it is fire retardant and it is wipe able. The black out material will create the right atmosphere during the day for those who wish to enjoy a game of snooker.

The programme Room O2 is presented by Moira Delia every Wednesday at 18.15 in the evening, with a repeat every Wednesday at 09.00 in the morning on Super One Tv. Room O2 is a production of ICA, the programme production manager is Jon Mallia, the Producer is Theresa Zahra and the directors are Daniel Zerafa and Pierre Ellul.

For more information log on to www.roomO2.com (http://www.roomO2.com)