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06-03-2002, 04:45 AM
This weekend is the first time I have ever seen Mika play. I would like to say he is quite a gentleman when he is playing and when he is walking around. I had the chance to meet him and listen quite closely when he was chatting with one of the other players and I was impressed. Here is the reason: Mika is playing against Richard Broumpton (sp?), who I just met also. Richard is giving him a good game and is up 4-0, when in the 5th game, Richard misses the 4 or 5. Mika then gets up finishs our that rack and proceeds to run 8 more games. This was the most incredible thing to watch until like around game 10 or 11 when Richard walks up to Mika and complains about the rack. It seems that the very back ball is consistently hitting the end rail and coming all the way up table and dropping in the corner pocket at the head of the table, and Mika is consistently getting a shot at the one ball and running out. Well after the match I went to Richard to talk to him about the match and he seemed a little down, and did not say anything to Mika, sort of cold shoulder. Well, while I was talking to Richard he said he felt something was wrong since this continued happening so he felt the rack was not perfectly straight or something and he better speak up or Mika is going to run out 8 straight games. Richard did not say anything bad about Mika.

Then about 10 minutes later, Buddy Hall comes up and puts his hand on Mika's shoulder and says, "What a beautiful thing self-racking is" (something to that effect), and Mika's buddy said yeah "self-tilting" or something like that insinuating that Mika was cheating by putting a tilt in the rack.

Later on in the evening, I am talking to Richard about his win over Jeannie Seaver when Mika comes walking by, and Richard excuses himself and calls Mika over. Richard apologizes for not congratulating Mika earlier and tells him he played marvelously. Mika then told him that he was hoping Richard would get over being mad, because Mika thought Richard played great and it was unfortunate that he ran out everytime. Mika also said he thought he was racking them perfectly straight, and Richard said he had to do something to change the rack because Mika was not missing a darn thing. Mika then told him that was the first time he had every run out a match. The two talked for a while longer and were laughing with each other and telling stories.

Mika then gets up for his next match with Scotty Townsend (sp?) and proceeds to break and run out the first 3 racks. That is now 12 racks in a row between the two matches. Pretty amazing. After that match, Scotty walks up to one of the guys standing near me and the guy says, "Man that kid is shooting lights out", and Scotty agrees he is tough but felt it was a one ball difference that went Mika's way and allowed him the chance to finish the match off. Mika is then walking by after that and talks to the same gentleman and is quite happy about the win because Scotty played him tougher than anyone else in the tournament up to that point. He talked quite highly about Scotty.

Well, sorry for this long post, but it was a great time and watching Mika play was well worth all the standing. All of you in New York are lucky to see him play as often as you do.


06-03-2002, 05:43 AM
Hi Eg8R,

After Mika beat Scotty and he was putting his cue away I asked him how much he weighs? Around 150 he says. And I ask him how he gets such a powerful break. It's the speed he says. But it sure was a pleasure to watch him play. He has been my favorite for some time. I saw him at the Patriot Cup in Tampa too. Very nice, friendly person. Jake

06-03-2002, 08:54 AM
Yes, I believe he is a favorite of mine when comparing with the newer younger pros. I am still a Varner fan and Archer fan.
I was talking to Todd Speciale about the Patriot Cup and he said it seemed more like an exhibition than a tourney. Oh well, I still wish I would have gone and seen them play.


06-03-2002, 04:16 PM
As I've said in this forum before, a format of the winner racking for himself will lead to many strung racks. Many more than when the loser racks for the winner.

Keep in mind, I'm not saying Mika was cheating... what I am saying is that once the player finds the "sweet spot" at which to place the rack, he'll never move it. When the loser is racking, there's at least 1/8 inch leeway in placing the rack - stopping the same ball from going in break after break.

Give me loser racks or give me death...

- Steve Lipsky

06-03-2002, 04:25 PM
Mika himself is totally against self racking.

06-04-2002, 06:07 AM
Mika was not totally against self racking at all in this tournament. When I asked Charlie why they were self-racking, he told me that was the type of tournament, however if both players decide to rack for each other then that would be acceptable. The majority of the players racked for themselves, but even Jay M was an exception. He was unable to rack properly on one of the tables and after trying for a bit, he asked Earl to rack for him.
I did not think Mika was deliberately cheating, but with a pool player you will never know. The one thing about the rack was, even if a ball fell, he still needed to run the rest of the rack out, and Mika did that 8 times in a row against Richard (his first win did not come from the break obviously).