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Stan Shuffett
03-18-2005, 09:00 AM
Stan and Landon Shuffett are no longer associated with Tim White due to many differing opinions. Landon is not a student of Tim White's. Stan has withdrawn his instructorship with BSACA. Stan will continue his 13-year tenure as an instructor with the BCA and Landon is a Junior BCA member.

03-18-2005, 05:33 PM
Hi Stan

Any special thing you would like to relate to our members?....SPF-randyg

03-18-2005, 06:16 PM
Must be recent, he is still featured on the web site

Stan Shuffett
03-18-2005, 06:31 PM
Post deleted by Stan Shuffett

03-18-2005, 07:09 PM
Post deleted by Popcorn

03-18-2005, 07:32 PM
That is very inappropriate. I believe that as parents you have every right to publicly distance your family from this person.

03-18-2005, 07:53 PM
What happened! What happened! Did the oyster pose for pictures in his speedo without permission?

03-20-2005, 07:44 PM
HI Mr Shuffett,

I was wondering what happened also. I have noticed in the replies that a couple of them were deleted. What is this? Why is the information from the post not shown anymore. I feel very highly of Tim White and his instruction with you and Landon. I think that the videos are without a doubt the absolute best value of instruction out there today, by far. What Tim has done with Landon is wonderful, you should be very proud to have the help you have had from the best, to say the least. The material is presented in a way that is so very clear to understand and information that is not presented anywhere else. The creativeness is superb and I would love to see more videos from Tim White. Can you explain the differences? I am planing on taking the class next month with Tim would and appreciate a heads up. Thank you James Peters

03-20-2005, 09:27 PM
I don't have any facts in this situation, but in his post, Stan said it was due to many differing opinions. Seems to me that is a fair explanation without going into details. A couple of years ago, Tim chose to separate from the BCA and start his own organization because of differing opinions. People don't always agree, and partnerships come to an end over such differences every day.
I have to respect Stan for not discussing the details. He must have his reasons, but didn't see a need to publicly air them.
As a new instructor, Tim contacted me about joining his organization. After consideration, I made my decision to decline Tim's offer and remain active in the BCA program.
We all have reasons for the choices we make. Sharing those reasons isn't always necessary.

Stan Shuffett
03-21-2005, 06:29 AM
You shouldn't have any reservations about taking the course. The information Tim offers is very good.