View Full Version : Cue stick "Status" ??

03-21-2005, 10:18 AM
Last week I played in two local tournies, it was the first I had attended either one. In both places. My cue stick caused a quite a scene. People acted as if they had never seen one like it before and that they felt it should have significant value placed on it. Know one said anything about my game skills (8-ball) even though I had two break and runs at both places. Has anyone else expirienced this where its your stick that seems to determine who you are? For what its worth, I have a McDermott which I think is a C or D series but cannot be sure of that with any confidence. I've looked in cue books and the McDermott web site but nothing matches this stick. I won it on a raffle in 1990. Someone suggested its a one of a kind prototype of pre-D series design. At any rate, I find it quite funny that it has caused the hoopala that it has. This stick is "somebody",.., but not me. LOL