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03-21-2005, 01:07 PM
Anyone got info on these events? Nothing on the web site yet.

03-21-2005, 01:23 PM
Hey Mickey!

This time I wrote it all down!

Men's Open:
Billy Ussery Jr over Jerry Hager in the finals.

Here are the Bracket winners:

B1 - Joe Scott
B2 - Rick Winpigler
B3 - Dominik Souza
B4 - Willie Lanna
B5 - Richard Molineiro
B6 - Richard Magaro
B7 - Billy Ussery Jr
B8 - Fred Wenker
B9 - Jerry Hager
B10 - Fred Goodman
B11 - Joe Testa
B12 - Andy Breen
B13 - Dan Mulhollen
B14 - Jessie Bowman
B15 - John Morra
B16 - Rich Reheard

About 800 players in the Open Amateurs

For the Senior Men:

Isaac Runnels over Larry Szwaczkowski in the finals

Bracket winners:

B1 - Ed Hogge
B2 - Ron Griffus
B3 - Isaac Runnels
B4 - Don Steele
B5 - Sy Brown
B6 - Jim Jennings
B7 - Larry Szwaczkowski
B8 - Robert Fuller

About 300 Seniors played.

Women's Open:
1st - Pam Treadway
2nd - Zinnie Panju
3rd/4th - Stacie Bourbeau, Ellen Van Buren

About 150 Women played.

18 and Under:
1st - Mike Dechaine
2nd - Telly Kikrilis
3rd/4th - Tyler Elliott, Curtis Coleman

Full field of 64.

14 and Under:
1st - Chris Futrell
2nd - Jose Rivas Jr
3rd/4th - Brandon Blackburn, Francisco Cifuentes

Another full field of 64.

I can reconstruct the matches from the final 16 in the Open if anyone's interested. Same for the Seniors.

On an interesting note, Jesse Bowman forfeited his match Sunday morning because of a missed wake-up call.

Barbara~~~running on fumes now..

03-21-2005, 03:02 PM
Thanks Barbara,
Im sure you were very busy, and I really apreciate the info. All of my players from here were knocked out after a couple rounds. Next year I think i`ll play in the seniors.
Thanks again

the houseman