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Dave in Ohio
03-22-2005, 07:35 AM
My table has leather pockets and when shooting the balls into them, the finish comes off and onto the balls, marking them up. After awhile, the balls start to skid or jump before rolling and when they do that, you have missed the shot. It is very aggrivating. I clean the table at least once a week, sometimes twice depending on how much playing time. Also clean the balls once a week. I have e-mailed connelly about this problem over a month ago and have got no reply. I guess they don't care about their product once it is out the door. I have thought about lining the pockets with some felt, but looking for an alternative way to eliminate the problem. Anybody else have the same problem? The balls are the super aramith pro balls.

03-22-2005, 10:05 AM

You might try coating the edges of the leather areas with a dab of fingernail polish.


03-24-2005, 07:51 AM
This comes up over, and over, and over again. It's very simple, grasshopper. Connelly uses China and RC Designs pockets. RC and China both paint their finish on the leather. The only pocket maker in the world that doesn't is Hood Leather - www.hoodleather.com (http://www.hoodleather.com). My stores have been using nothing but Hood for the last 8 years. Prior to that, I had callbacks constantly with RC Design pockets. Not only will the finish come off on the balls, it will rub off on your stick as well. If you notice, RC and China pockets are very shiney and slippery. That's because they coat the hell out of their pockets with clear, to help prevent rub off. If you dye the pockets, you won't have that problem.

Go back to your Connelly dealer and tell them you want Hood pockets. They're dyed, like your shoes. Finish won't come off unless you scuff the leather.

03-24-2005, 07:55 AM
BTW, if you don't get any satisfaction with your Connelly dealer, call Hood directly. They won't sell direct, but they can tell you who to call. 800-962-9695