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03-28-2005, 04:45 PM
BOONTON—The mother of a fifth-grader at John Hill School said she will not return a book about firearms that her son checked out of the school library because she feels it is inappropriate and possibly dangerous.

Robin Barroso said that two weeks ago her son, Kyle, brought home “Guns of the World: The Complete Collectors and Traders Guide,” a book she said includes information on how much various firearms cost, what kind of ammunition is used, their range of firing, and also information on machetes.

The book, which she said was published by Petersen Publishing, was copyrighted in 1977.

“It is definitely not meant for children,” Barroso said. “With everything going on in the world this is the last thing my 10-year-old needs to look up.”

Barroso said she first called the school district office, which referred her to the school, and, she said, she was eventually referred to the school librarian. Because of schedule conflicts with her job, Barroso and librarian Laurie Maggio-Huber were unable to speak with each other.

“I told the school to charge me for it, it’s not going back to the library,” Barroso said.
If I were the library, I’d charge her for $1,000 for destroying library property, and have theft charges brought against her.

By the age of 10 my backyard was littered with the bodies of both German and Japanese soldiers, countless Indians, robbers and bandits. I had a Hopalong Cassidy twin six shooter rig, various grenades and other ordinance, cap guns and plastic automatic weapons.

I am now 59 and the 49 years between then and now (with the exception of a tour in the Marines in the mid/late 60's) I've never killed anyone.

Let me add that Boonton, NJ is out in the sticks. A rural, mountain community where, thirty years ago, you could still hunt deer. It has only been recently that the developers have come in to build houses, condos and apartments. There is now a Home Depot and BJ Warehous and a host of others. No doubt this broad has moved there from some latte town.

Lock n load