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03-29-2005, 05:38 AM
I was trying to think of a way people could play real pool online. Sort of like chess through email. We could do it with the Wei table. I was thinking of actually playing 9-ball online or 8ball but theres a lot of balls to map out and you would have to reset it up each time which would be a pain or you would have to leave the balls on your table. I then thought of the game that has the most strategy in it, and one-pocket came to mind. A lot of times when one-pocket game gets down to the last balls on the table, it can be very strategic and interesting to play and watch. I then figured I would give 3-ball one-pocket online a try.

The rules are the same as the regular one pocket rules, only the winner is the one who pockets 2 balls in their pocket. You can't call a ball on the break shot(safe break). When racking the balls you rack 3 balls on the spot.

How this test game will work:
I have already racked 3 balls and broken up the rack with a mediocre safe break(left some good shots for you(my opponent). Sorry I don't play one-pocket too much, can't find anyone to play. Love the game though!
My pocket is pocket "A" yours is "B".
Here is the ending position of the balls after my break:
Here is the wei table info if you just want to paste it into the wei table program:
for more info on the wei table visit:

There is no limit to how many people play this opening game. I will try to respond to a few of them but if a lot of people post then I probably won't be able to respond to all. If someone responds to my post and I can't get to it, someone else can respond to it and pick up the game from that point. We can see how this works.

If you want to try this out, please don't just make some bogus table and post it. Really set up my ending position of the balls in my post on a real pool table and take your best shot.(only one try). Of course you can easily cheat so this is on the honor system. If you can get a witness to see your shot and post on here vouching for your shot or shots, then that would be even better. You can either exlain what happened in your post and use the wei table in some way to convey to me how I should set up the balls to take my shot, unless you run out from the current position of the balls in my post. You can explain the entire sequence or just map the ending position of the balls. If you run out then at least explain a summary of what you did.

Tips for trying this out:
print out my post of the wei table and bring it to the table along with a blank diagram of the wei table. Map out the table as you shoot.
You can use print screen button and shift printscreen on your pc to take screen shots of the wei table and past it into a program such as paint. start-accessories-paint.

This is a test and thought it would be cool to try to play real pool over the internet, give me your suggestions and ideas. Some other ideas I would like to try are express 8ball(4solids, 4stripes, 1 8ball). sudden death 3ball,4ball,or 5ball(9ball withought all 9balls). 5 or 10ball straight pool or similair /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif. Open to any other ideas.

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03-30-2005, 04:31 AM
I've tried a little Three Ball One Pocket in the past, but when we play we 'rack' the balls in a straight line down from the spot, not in a triangle. That's the way the balls come up naturally in the end game of standard One Pocket, as balls are either made in neutral pockets or the cue ball follows in the hole and balls are spotted. 3 balls in a triangle on the head spot would virtually NEVER come up in a real game.

On standard equipment the third ball down doesn't cut into the pocket from behind the head string (unless you know some kind of trick!), and the cross-corner bank is pretty tough from up stream.

One of the standard moves when you come up against a line-up of balls like that is to kick two rails -- it spreads the balls on your side while it sends the cue ball up table.

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Anyway, that's the way to start Three Ball One Pocket IMHO.