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03-29-2005, 09:49 PM
A few days ago i got "The great break shot" in the mail. I've already read it and it is indeed great. The knowledge in that book from Charley and the addition of Joe Tuckers rack reading tips is just way too much to pass up. I am just lucky I didnt win a couple of those ebay auctions for Joe Tuckers book @ $40+. Honestly it is probably worth it, but I sure cant complain getting more for less. And after talking with Charley on the phone, he seems like a heck of a guy himself. And even though he is an old man, im sure he can still shoot pretty dang good /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif Thanx again Charley!


03-29-2005, 10:03 PM
I'm still waiting for mine. /ccboard/images/graemlins/frown.gif

Hope the USPS hasn't struck again.

03-29-2005, 10:06 PM
hah yea... I live in Albuquerque and the PS here seems to be very intermittent. Sometimes its right on time, sometimes its really not /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif

03-29-2005, 10:16 PM
Where abouts do you play? I usually stop by the Corner Pocket whenever I am forced to go up to the big city. Some 200 miles and is the closest pool halls.

03-29-2005, 10:30 PM
Corner pocket is a ways away for me. I live on the Westside and usually get up to slate street in rio rancho a few times during the week. sometimes I'll get to the corner pocket on the weekends. Both places have the GC's which is what i love.

03-30-2005, 01:20 AM
Yeah, anyone who has been to a PettyPoint get together can tell you that ceebee is one hell of a shooter. and of course he has a killer break shot. and he he can play just about any game that requires pocketing a ball.

03-30-2005, 06:45 AM
Roy, your book was sent to you on the 13th of March. I will do a trace of your shipping number

03-30-2005, 07:34 AM

The books I got from you were gone by the time I parked my truck. I have given the others your site address so they can order directly.


03-30-2005, 08:47 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote N8ball:</font><hr> And even though he is an old man, im sure he can still shoot pretty dang good /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif Thanx again Charley!
Nate <hr /></blockquote>
He ain't that old, and yes, he can play! And he doesn't depend on the break shot to get him by, either!


03-30-2005, 11:32 AM
I will try to find the Rio Rancho place one of these days. I think a guy called Edwardo (sp?) plays up there that is trying very hard to get to be a pro level player. Easy to spot, his ears stick sorta straight out. /ccboard/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

Got the GREAT Break Shot today. Mail delievery can be very strange here. /ccboard/images/graemlins/confused.gif

03-30-2005, 01:06 PM
Its a GREAT pool hall. They just recovered the tables there with 860 and they play like a dream. MAybe a little more generous than corner pockets gold crowns. And its kinna one of the only bars around that area in RR, so it draws a non pool crowd often. mondays and tuesdays when there is free pool it is really crowded and on the weekends there are hardly any 'players'. Edwardo has kinna been traveling lately. He is a heck of a shot and I shoot with him when i can. Im shooting with the kinds of shafts he is the distributer for. Definately a pool hall to check out /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif