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04-02-2005, 06:29 PM
Bad shots derail Valle; Reyes alive
Posted 02:59am (Mla time) April 03, 2005
Inquirer News Service

THE TABLE was simply unkind to Gandy Valle.

Two bad shots on balls along the rail in the last five racks was his undoing on Saturday as he bowed to Chinese-Taipei's Yang Chin-Shun, 9-6, in the quarterfinals of the second leg of the San Miguel Asian 9-Ball Tour at the Hanngar Billiard and Recreation Center in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Valle's defeat left one Filipino standing in the $50,000 event organized by ESPN Star Sports -- Efren "Bata" Reyes, the top seed who was facing another Taiwanese, Kuo Po-Cheng, on the other side of the bracket.

Coming off a difficult but stirring 9-8 upset of second-seeded compatriot Francisco "Django" Bustamante in the second round late Friday, the unseeded Valle, backed by Puyat Sports, rallied from two racks down to take a 4-3 lead until disaster struck in the 11th frame.

With the match tied at 5-5, the winner of the first Tour leg in Singapore muffed a shot on the 5-ball to the corner pocket while using a bridge, the cue ball caroming strangely off the rail instead of running alongside it.

Yang, ranked 38th in the world and the only non-Filipino winner on the 3-year-old Tour so far, ran out the table for a 6-5 lead. The fifth seed also took three of the next four racks -- spiked by a great jump shot on the 7-ball to the corner -- for an 8-6 advantage.

He then watched as Valle stifled himself on the final frame by mis-hitting a shot on the 6-ball, which would have been pocketable after a possible 6-7 combo on the rail to the corner pocket.

"Bumuka yung tira ko sa 5, tumalbog sa rail, dapat follow shot lang 'yun para placing sa 7 (My shot at the No. 5 bounced off the rail. It was supposed to be a follow shot to prepare for the No. 7)," said Valle in the event bankrolled by San Miguel Beer.
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