View Full Version : Resisting Osmosis

04-04-2005, 05:56 AM
I played a 1-p player in 9-ball yesterday, just for funzy, never played against this guy ever. He used a drop and punch stroke and many bank shots instead of cuts, and was darn good with his backhand english. Thing is that I realized I began to pick up his style to a small degree, and I today thought about many of the other casual players I encounter with different styles, and to some degree I feel I've absorbed that style for the time we battle as well.

Question is, how do you resist getting caught up in somebody elses' game style? My style has always been loose and changing for the most part, that's why pool remains fun to me, little regulation on my imaginative side. Thoughts? Is there positive as well as negatives here???sid

04-04-2005, 11:52 AM
I've never given this a lot of thought.

There are times when osmosis is useful for me. I like to watch Allison Fisher. The deliberate play and consistency of her stroke will temporarily burn into my brain and I can take a little of it to the table. It wears off as I get warmed up, but it get's me started in a positive way.

The only time I think that am at a risk of emulating someone in a match is if they are much better than me- the person who puts a lot of spin on the CB every shot and always seems to get perfect shape, up and down the table with ease, etc. This is when I have to be careful that I don't try a shot that I don't have a good chance of executing. If I find myself looking at a shot I would not normally try, I might force myself to shift gears and just try to shoot everything pocket speed, and accept a little longer next shot if I have to.

I think most people shoot too hard, so when I'm just playing with friends, I just try to shoot everything soft. Maybe this keeps me from picking up any bad habits from them- usually by the end of the match, they are emulating me.

You might try just doing the opposite of whatever your opponent is doing- if he banks that shot, cut it in- if he would fire it in, shoot it pocket speed. This could help to force you back into your own shooting style.

The guys I don't really like to play are the guys that ride the nine every game, lol, I invariably will start to do it too. But I mostly stick to 8ball, where you have to play to run out.