View Full Version : The costs of Illegal aliens....

Gayle in MD
04-06-2005, 01:19 PM
Did anyone see the statistics in the news last night. I was involved in something else, but I thought they said the following, correct me please if I didn't hear this right.

150 to 200 billion in lost revenues from underground workers.
Another 50 billion in health care related costs.

2 to 400 thousand anchor babies born each year representing 87% of future population growth, and the detrimental impact on the environment, open land and farm land, which predicts shortages in food and water, and resulting polution due to sprawl.

But we have to cut out money for border patrols to shave down the deficit?

The mexican Government, meanwhile, is printing up brochures to instruct its people in successful illegal entry into America.

What the hell are they doing up there on the hill? This is outrageous!

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