View Full Version : 9ball practice game. similair to "99"w/safeties+Ki

04-08-2005, 04:58 AM
I was trying to think of a game similair to "99" and "playing the ghost" that would give feed back to the player but also incorporate safety play and kicking at balls/jumping/masse shots. I'm just brainstorming some ideas so please feel free to add some of your own.
Calling the game "100" for obvious reasons stated below.

"99" game summary:
You break, take ball in hand, and try to run out. You get 2 points for 1 or more balls on break and 1 point for each shot made total of a possible 11 points for each rack. You miss a shot and your done for that rack. You keep score for 9 racks and tally up your score.

Rules for "100":

1. To start with, unless otherwise stated, all rules of the game "99" are in effect.

2. A safety where you snooker your imaginary opponent gives you a chance for a one point special bounus. You kick, jump, masse, or curve at the next ball in order. If you make a legal shot then you get the one point special bonus and also ball in hand. You can only get this special bonus one time per rack. If you miss the kick or jump or masse and don't make a legal shot, you get ball in hand anyway but don't get the one point special bonus.

3. A safety where you leave a difficult shot or difficult safety, you have to play the shot or safety. If you successfully make the shot or turn this safety into a hook safety, you get a one point special bonus if you haven't already gotten your one point special bonus. for the rack.

4. If you play safe and leave an easy shot or easy safety for your imaginary opponent, then the rack is over. Again, all "99" rules are in order unless stated otherwise, so if you miss a shot, the rack is over also.
5. You only get one point for the Break bonus.

6. You get a 9ball on the snap bonus of one point, one time in 9 racks for a 9ball on the break. Scratching when pocketing the 9ball and you don't get the point. This gives you the possibility of getting "100" for a perfect 9 racks instead of the "99" for a perfect 9 racks.

7. Only one, "one point special" per rack.