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04-11-2005, 07:33 PM
Lucky break
STAFF at the National Trust for Scotland's Hill of Tarvit Mansionhouse, in Fife, always wondered what happened to the billiard table which disappeared from the mansion's smoking room after being listed in the house's 1938 inventory.
Then Karen Caldwell, property manager at the house, was invited to a cocktail party at RAF Leuchars where the station commander proudly showed her the billiard table in the Officers' Mess which came from Hill of Tarvit.
No-one is suggesting the RAF nicked the table. Perish the thought. The lady of the house, in a wartime morale booster, gifted the table to the mess and it's been there ever since.
Now it is going back to the mansion, with the National Trust giving the fly boys a replacement table. We well remember the slant on the 50-year-old tables in The George snooker hall off Byres Road, Glasgow, so the RAF probably got a good swop there.
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