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04-15-2005, 01:34 PM
They're about to elect a new Pope....the process is similiar to our own electoral system. Anybody can be elected...even pro wrestlers, "B" movie stars, ex-terminators, etc. they're even talking about a German Pope..."Heil, Papa????" nah, it'll never happen
The biggest difference is that when they have picked a new Pope, they send smoke up the chimney....before we pick a new candidate, they blow smoke up your "chimney"
So the new Pope will have many issues to contend with..
Can Bob marry Ted, and can Alice and Carol get together, and who gets to wear the white dress?
Will Priests be allowed to marry, and God forbid...woman Priests? (How can I call a woman, Father?)
and "how many Priests does it take to screw an alt....?"...before someone realizes there is a serious problem..there oughta be a law(canon), but not Cardinal Law....
Our last Pope did some real good, but rightfully so, had his detractors.
Who can forget the day he was shot, and Alexander Haig called up the Vatican, and said he was now in charge?
The Pope visited SF, with a huge Mass at Candlestick Park, my chance to get some video for my Mom. I was driving busses at the time, and took a busload of the faithful, hoping for a miracle to the ball park....actually they looked like the same folks I regularly drove to Reno, looking for a miracle.
I had to stay outside so I gave the vid cam to someone, unfamiliar with camaras..They thought you had to keep pressing the button to record, so I have some film of the entourage on the far side of the stadium, then as he just hung the camera from his shoulder, some great footage of people's feet. Finally as the Popemobile came down the stretch, so to speak....he swung the camera up, pressed the button....and that stopped the recording.
My mom was heartbroken, but i cheered her up when I said that I had waved, and was sure, he waved back at me.
I never got a response for my suggestion that to reach a bigger audience, they should use the Popemobile as the pace car for the "Indy" that year.
There's an old story that goes: a Priest was walking along, and as he passed a group of teens, he heard them using foul language. He stopped and admonished them, and one teen said "F*** you, father" the Priest told him "do you realise who you are talking to? I am ass't here, and one day, this will be my Parish. I may become Bishop, even Arch-Bishop, and then Cardinal. If I become Cardinal, I could even be elected Pope....me, the Pope !!!!
"F*** me !!!!" "No, F*** you !!!!!!!"