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04-19-2005, 05:35 PM
I did a little research, to see what are the popular topics that get both read and replied to...
In the non-pool category...there was Gayle, being treated like Winston Smith, and having her post deleted...870 people read about a post that they couldn't read, and 62 wrote a reply.
872 however read the Chili post and 108 fired back, which means that folks are more interested in what they ingest, then what they can digest from the "news"
A kinky post about evolution drew 623 pro/anti creationists, and 80 responded.
Patrick's problems continue to be interesting after all these years " there, but for the grace of God...." 384 reads, and the only problem, is that he is still posting....which, come to think of it, is my problem also.
I think we are all concerned about Duane in Pa., and glad to hear there's a bit of good news re his kidneys/dialysis. I don't even like to read about bad things happening to good people, but joined the 505 that did.
and 132 of us read about "X" 1/2 of the axis of evil
Over on the pool side
Eurowest Cues, which looks like an ad, and reads like an ad....but ain't...got the attention of 746 of us
And don't buy from Inside pool....which is an anti-ad, is the winner, although the site is/was a loser... with 1758 eyeballs, or 32516 if you multiply by two

Smoke this/ take that...893 of us were interested, 87 tried to point out the error in their ways. It's easy to knock smoking, bad for your health, etc....in the meantime sitting
on the tbale just across from me is a rather generous piece of strawberry cheesecake....it has health hazard written all over it....but I can't resist.....read through my 12 step program, but don't think any higher power can save me from this. This could be Saddam's secret weapon, his personal recipe sent over here. We'ld be too fat to fight, and too ugly to mate....easy pickings in about 10 years.
Free pool lessons in LV...822 thinking about going to LV to take pool lessons??? But this is a great idea, and hope it catches on. Hope Scott, RandyG, Fran have the idea germinating in their head.
A sad day for pool and mankind in general...753 of us read this, and the news was indeed sad, about a friend of Kato's passing away....but we had feared the worst...thought Rackmup was coming back.(sorry, Kato,couldn't resist...and sorry about your friend)
So, after all my research, and a helping bottle of Bombay Blue...I have come to the conclusion that if you just want your post read.....here are some guaranteed winners:
Color of Money
Pool Hall Junkies
but these are all rehashes, been there done that stuff
My new idea, gleaned from "X" is to borrow from Sue Grafton, and begin an alphabetical post
or mention FL, the One,or the one and only Scott Lee...

04-20-2005, 05:22 AM
No offense meant but is it possible you have
too much time on your hands?

04-20-2005, 05:24 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote wolfdancer:</font><hr>

...don't buy from Inside pool....which is an anti-ad, is the winner, ... <hr /></blockquote>

only because there is no current thread titled "why cant women play as good a pool as men?"


"earl, maniac or simply misunderstood?"

04-20-2005, 06:47 AM

Interesting thoughts. After several years posting off and on. I like the unusual topics. On the pool related side, we gotta rehash a lot of stuff as new people join the club but it seems we really hit some dry spots for a while, then a creative thread comes up. You can only talk about a certain number of ways to clean your shaft and how to draw a ball without ripping the cloth...If you go into a high game topic like avoiding kisses, you lose a lot the beginners or get bogged down in WEI's...

On balance, I like the non-pool related as it is very diverified. I also love an odd look at things but I struggle, every day, not to post "Things I hate about Bar Tables and blonds" type posts too often as not to be too flip.

I am, foremost, a story teller, myself. I love the old stuff from Leonard and some of the stuff I was lucky enough to experience myself. I have the distinct disadvantage of most of the guys I knew/know still being alive and not wanting to tell things that might make them uncomfortable. I almost wish there was a stories section where we could all share these. However, it would probably not make sense for us to have to, for instance, clear somethng on Keith with JAM before sharing and otherwise some of these could be unfair. Not that all our Keith stories would be bad, just not fair to throw things out there for a man who has had such an interesting life in this game.

For now, we can just be happy sharing our little inside things on Spiderman, NBG, Fred, nAz and you and keep ourselves as a somewhat disfunctional family. /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif

It tears our heart out when Chris suffers and Duane nearly falls off the edge but heartens us when they fight so hard and come back. You wonder how many of us have passed without the rest of us even knowing. One day, chatting with us, the next day gone..

Good Post, my friend....


04-20-2005, 09:38 AM
Deeman, yours is a great post...thoughtful and thought provoking, the most insightful one I've read here for awhile.
I'd love to be reading the stories about the more colorful players. In my collection of over 100 Accu-stats tapes, Grady has a few that are memorable.I discovered pool during the last year of the (in)famous Palace Billiards...a wealth of characters, and their woes there. "Nebraska" was my favorite, nearing 80, dressed in 40's fashion, and was reputed to be one of SF's best pickpockets,in his day
I never thought about "why" the same topics keep getting bought up...but you have the answer.
If you write about "avoiding kisses", etc..even the debate will be interesting....and if someone wants to mention Michelle Wei...that'll be ok too....
Bar Tables have their problems, but around here, bar pool is big, and at least they use 8 ft'rs, reg cueball, and sometimes fast cloth.
I played in a great bar tournament over the weekend,....didn't see any blondes there though.
I think you should post a little more often....and slip in some of your stories....and as they used to say on Dragnet "..... only the names have been changed to protect the innocent "
anyway.....great post

04-20-2005, 09:41 AM
guilty as charged