View Full Version : Olhausen table? US made or other?

04-23-2005, 01:52 PM
Question fgor those more knowledgable then I. I have seen several opinions on the type of table to buy. Olhausen, Brunswick or other. I have been trying to research tables, but each time I think "that is the table for me" then something else pops up and I wonder again and again which is the best table for the dollar. I have been looking at a "Olhausen" King table. Looks like an excellent table. The table has a single center beam slate support, of course joining the cross beams. I noticed this construction differed from the lower end Reno and Gilbraltor. It also differed from the construction of the Augusta, which had no center beam support. The dealer finally admitted to me the "King" was designed by Olhausen, but not made in their factory, even though it carried the Olhausen name. The dealer never would offer where the Olhausen King was made, so I again hesitated and didn't buy the 2,300.00 solid oak King offered as a deal from the 2,600 "sale price" Please bare with me. Second I was looking at a Brunswick Bradford 4,100 (msrp ?)marked down to 3,300, but because of the slower summer season approaching this dealer with sell for 2,400 installed, bla bla bla. Now after checking the past posts on this board I learn Brunswick is made in Brazil, Mexico, somewhere other than US. The construction appears quality, but with the Bradford there are metal "joist" cross beam hangers, which differs from their "next step up" tables So I very confused. I would like to stay in the 2,200-2,500 dollar range. There are very few used tables for sale in my area, most of what I've seen is junk or overpriced laminate tables. Please any help on information about the King table and any advise. P.S my local Olhausen dealer appears to be very limited in what tables he carries (2)laminate styles (2) upper end incuding the Augusta 3,000 and then the King Thank you for your help and advise