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04-25-2005, 05:29 PM
Leviathan posted up about how much english could be applied, wondering if better players could spin the ball more.

My feeling is we can all side spin the ball about the same maximum amount. I think some players use the maximum spin more effectively by controlling other factors, namely spin throw, speed, shot angle and point of aim.

Here's a shot I set up - see what you think. The object ball is 1 chalk width off the rail at the footstring. The cueball is dead center of the table. I can use low right english to draw the cueball back as diagrammed. I do not cheat the pocket (I can't, they're only 4"). I rarely see other players attempt this extreme, but I use it when I have to. I can make the ball and control the cueball speed well most of the time. It's not a shot to take if you're nervous.

Usually it draws comments if I bring a ball back like this -can you get it back that far? This is on Simonis with Artemis rubber and an Aramith red dot, dry conditions.

I have a few more that test the stroke/spin ability.


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WEI (http://endeavor.med.nyu.edu/~wei/pool/)


04-25-2005, 05:42 PM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote tateuts:</font><hr>...
Here's a shot I set up - see what you think.... <hr /></blockquote>
I think it's impossible on new cloth with a new cue ball, but I'll need to try it. As shown, your return is above (on the hard side) of where the cue ball starts.

04-25-2005, 06:06 PM

Right - I can get it back on the other side of the cueball even this close to the rail (about 1"). This is pretty much the extreme for me.

I am using the spin to throw the object ball to the maximum - so I am aiming thick on the object ball and using it as a backstop. The spin then brings the cueball back outside the line. I'm using extreme right english about a tip or a half tip low, more like a punch stroke. The main thing is to throw the object ball at the pocket and feel like you are rolling the cueball off the object ball. If the cueball swerves, it hurts the shot.

I can not only do this, I can do it repeatedly and control the shot. Bear in mind the object ball is an inch off the rail. On tables with larger pockets, it's easier. This is on six month old Simonis, red dot Aramith cueball in great shape about 1 year old, with Artemis rubber. The cueball weighs the same as the object balls.