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06-07-2002, 11:03 AM
From Charlie Williams: (PHEW!) I Remember when just being a Pro Player was Tough!


It’s funny, a little over a year ago I would never have imagined that I would be the subject of so much controversy!

But now it seems like a routine part of my life.

I remember when I was just a player I thought I had problems. “When’s the next tournament? Where can I get a new sponsor? Am I practicing enough? How am I going to beat Efren?”

Those were the good ol’ days. Now it’s a whole new ballgame for me.

My eyes have been opened to a whole new world and sometimes its not pretty. There are a lot of politics out there and a lot of problems the everyday fans don’t see(sometimes even the pro players don’t know or see!). It can become a tough balance. How many of you out there can tell me who is the BCA, WPA, IBC, WCS, IBC, WPBA, APA, JPA,EPBF,APBU, or the UPA. Then define what they do. A year ago I couldn’t but now I can!

Many people warned me in the beginning(and now I believe them) that not everybody would be crazy about a strong men’s association, especially with a leader with radical ideas or very strong opinions. And perhaps there are those that also fear the success I am gaining as a promoter. And maybe being a top player makes me a triple threat. Yeah, there are probably enemies out there that I don’t know about, but just like the rolls in 9-ball,I know now that is just part of the game.

I have always(and still do) hear people complain about the problems in pool. That is so easy to do . What’s harder to do is to find people with solutions to those problems. And what’s even harder than that is to find a handful of people willing to execute the solutions. And that my friends is the UPA Board. And let me tell you first hand, these people bust their _ss for our sport. (especially our vice-president who anchors the UPA and runs a multi-million dollar software company in his spare time)

It was great when I used to schedule my practice times at the poolroom, see when I would workout at the gym, and then play in the local weekly tournaments at my homeroom. Oops! Not to mention spending all my other freetime with my girlfriend!
Now I schedule a whole pro tour, negotiate deals with sponsors, check my 9 e-mail addresses, phone calls 4-6 hrs a day, deal with other promoters, players, & fans, and balance politics with other associations. Then I’ll goto my local poolroom at 1 am and practice for 30 minutes then fall asleep on their couch and go home(that’s how I won the BCA Open!).

I’m not complaining at all. That is my life and I love it because I feel like I’m making a difference. And when I pull my hair out and want to scream(just every other day) I remind myself that this is the road I have chosen and be thankful that you’re still in the top 10(how did that happen?!)

I know that there are people itching to see me fail. I guess its human nature to want to see public figures falter. So be it. I’m willing to take the blame or heat for my actions or even the actions of the UPA and its players. If I can keep 80% of the people out there happy, then I am thrilled!

I am a young president( I’m 25 years old; if I look younger its because I’m asian; and if look older its because of the UPA). I am a young promoter, and a young player. But those who know me well do not doubt my intentions. I want the best for my players and my sport. I thank God everyday that I am where I am at and making a living doing what I love to do(playing pool & making pool events!).

If I could go down in history as the greatest player ever or the greatest promoter or president of a men’s assoc., I would choose to be the greatest promoter or president ever. Why? Because I know as a player I can only do but so much, and winning titles really only directly benefit myself. But through promoting and leadership I can change the whole sport. Now that WOULD be history.

Just to forewarn everybody, I and my UPA brothers(& sisters!) are planning on making some CHANGES. There will be things that we or I might do that might make fans shake but benefits the players.There might be things that make the industry nervous but benefits the fans and players.And there might be things that the players don’t like but the fans & sponsors will. But it is all for the advancement of our sport. Pool.(don’t say pocket billiards- “pool” is not a dirty word!)

I apologize to those whose toes I have stepped on. I apologize to the people I have been short or curt with. Sorry if I sometimes seem impersonal or pre-occupied. And to those who have not experienced these sides of me, then I apologize in advance because you probably will.

But please remember a few things about me( that I will mention ever so modestly): I have integrity. I am honest. I am open-minded. And most of all, I am a man of ACTION.

So keep in mind as I do, all of those things above that I try to balance. I’m sure you have a balancing act of your own everyday in your life. But like the rolls in 9-Ball, it’s just part of the game. But the great players always know that the rolls always even out, and it’s the more focused player that wins the match.

Charlie Williams

PS Thanks to all those who have supported myself, my events, and the UPA. Thank you to all the companies, magazines and media, UPA Board & advisors, players, and of course fans( Jay M, Drake, Stephen Z your support hasn’t gone unnoticed-thank you) .Your support helps encourages me to continue to bust my butt.

And to those who don’t have too many nice things to say about me…well I guess you’re part of the 20% that I’ll have to listen to to try to improve what I do in the future.

06-07-2002, 01:04 PM
For a long time now, this sport has been in desperate need of a Men's Pro Organization. This type of organization is needed to protect the players as well as promoters and fans.

I'm happy to see someone take on this problem head on. It takes a lot of heart to do this and continue no matter what. As you are experiencing, no matter how much heart you have, no matter how honest you are, no matter how much integrity you have, you are subjected to harsh comments and opinions and sometimes insults.

It takes strong men and women to persevere through such issues and continue to do what they believe is the right thing. I truly hope that you are a person of this quality. We have seen others who tried, but could not succeed.

Be stronger than the people of the past. Use these comments and opinions to your advantage. Don't blow them off, but see if there is any validity to them and review your own policies. You may find that you can make a great thing even better by keeping yourself open to all ideas. Don't fall into the trap of believing there is no better way.

There have been great men (and I'm sure women) in the past who have taken a lot of criticisms, but in time have come out on top. Take Turman for instance. During his days, he was not considered a good president, but the years have proven that he was one of the best we've had. Keep that in mind and don't let up, many players, fans and promoters depend on guys like you.

One other point to make here. Unfortunately, you have to wade through a lot of criticism to actually find constructive ones. Don't let this discourage you. Remember, negativity is very easy. It's too bad that it's human nature. It's a lot easier for people to complain about things than it is to praise good things. Being positive is difficult, it's taking the high road and I happy to see you on it.

Keep up the good work and do what is right. I hope that you are that strong individual with heart!

PoolFan ~~ Happy to see someone do the righ thing!!!

Scott Lee
06-07-2002, 02:04 PM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote: PoolFan:</font><hr>

There have been great men (and I'm sure women) in the past who have taken a lot of criticisms, but in time have come out on top. Take Turman for instance. During his days, he was not considered a good president, but the years have proven that he was one of the best we've had. Keep that in mind and don't let up, many players, fans and promoters depend on guys like you.<hr></blockquote>

Poolfan...At first I couldn't figure out who "Turman" was!
LOL Then I thought it must be former President Truman! Good posts from both you, and Charlie!

Charlie...Good Post! Nice to see you take a stand here, and report on your positions about things in our game. Although I am pretty unsympathetic to the commercialization of pro poolplayers autographs (there is very little money in it...and what is being sold does not bring in big bucks by any means), imo the players should sign ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, in an effort to mainstream the game to the public. I do understand your position recently down in Orlando. However, they should NOT, again imo, charge for doing this! Enamor the public to you (pro poolplayers in general) by being the "nice guy", and perhaps later (in this case, years later) they might be justified in charging for an autograph. The majority of autograph seekers are not doing it to resell. They merely want some reminder of their idolism of a particular player, and/or their own addiction to the game! That's right...I said addiction! Most of us here are pool addicts, yourself and myself included, and that can always be a positive thing, with positive results. This is one reason why I think the new pool movie, "Poolhall Junkies", will do well, regardless of the title. Keep up the good work. All of us here want nothing more than for the men to succeed...once the MAJORITY of the players develop honesty, integrity, and some semblance of personality (NOT ego...there's enough of that already! LOL). If, and when that day comes, your job will get a whole lot easier! As you must know, to help the group succeed, one must put the group's interests ahead of the individual to make effective change happen. The "what's in it for ME?" attitude that has prevailed in men's pool for decades must end for real change to happen, imo. I wish you the best in your continued efforts on behalf of the best sport on the planet!

Scott Lee

06-07-2002, 02:34 PM
Mr. Williams,

I would have sent this by private message, but you don't appear to be registered. The following is only a suggestion, should you post here more often (at least, for the long messages):

I have made the assumption that you are typing your posts in a word processing application of some type, and then copy/pasting into the posting field. I believe this to be the reason that &amp;#8217; keeps appearing in your post(s). This makes the text a little akward to read.

"&amp;#8217;" is an entity reference of some type--meaning that your app must have to substitute a number, set off by the ampersand (&amp;) and the semicolon (;), in order to display the appropriate character, in this case, the apostrophe ('). Or, it exports the substitution, in order for another app to translate.

I would suggest either pasting into a very basic app, such as Notepad, or exporting a simple text file, in order to see if the entity reference is still being printed. Another option would be to paste the text, with the reference intact, into a text editor with a search/replace function, and re-substituting the apostrophe back.

Now, about professional players signing merchandise, I agree with Scott Lee, in that they should be allowed to sign whatever they want. However, I would set up a sign at the signature location, either asking or demanding, that fans only request ONE of any certain item to be signed. That is, a fan could ask for a group of individual items to be signed, but no duplicate items. So, a cue ball and photo would be okay, but not two cue balls.

This might even be restricted, as I think you already had it, to equipment, as a fan may desire multiple photos signed (for himself, his son/daughter, his niece/nephew, etc.).

Just a suggestion. . . .

06-07-2002, 02:46 PM
Charlie, I wish you only the best in your effort to raise men's professional pool to the status it deserves in the world of sports. /ccboard/images/icons/smile.gif

06-07-2002, 07:43 PM
Hey, Charlie, would you tell us a little more about Phil Muller? Inquiring minds want to know.

Quote Charlie-- "I know as a player I can only do but so much, and winning titles really only directly benefit myself. But through promoting and leadership I can change the whole sport."

Glad you stepped up, Charlie. I'm pulling for you.

06-08-2002, 09:17 PM
Phil Muller is the vice-president of the UPA(United poolplayers Assoc.), which is the Men's Pro Tour Assoc.

He is not a touring pro player, but a business member of the UPA.

He is the CEO and founder of Software Techniques(a computer software comapny) and you can check it out at www.softwaretech.com (http://www.softwaretech.com)

Phil also writes music in his other sparetime upon request from such entertainers like Santana, Tori Amos, Janet Jackson

Phil's backround also included working for the government and then with IBM. His talents were basically used to invent solutions to problems(perfect for the UPA &amp; Pool!)

Phil is a tireless worker and has the energy of a 20 year old(he's not 20). Phil's also one of the greatest and unselfish people I have ever met.He does so much for us and is by far our greatest asset.

Why does he do all of this for us?

Because he loves pool and wants to see the sport succeed.

It would be very difficult to imagine the UPA without him so please thank him for all that he is doing for pool.

Charlie Williams