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04-27-2005, 12:22 PM
"Shakespeare is dead!"
Former NFL player Stanley Shakespeare died after being blown
off his boat.

83 yr old man bowls 300 game in tuscan,Ar.

Turkey hunting dangerous?
two hunters, one 78, the other 70 died, minutes apart of heart attacks while hunting turkeys

And the $30 mil bank shot?
Duke senior Chris Duhon nailed a 38-foot three-point shot off one leg as time expired in the semifinal game against the University of Connecticut on Saturday night, the Blue Devils still lost the game. But to those who wagered on the blue and white, the fortuitous bank shot that made the final score 79-78 meant that the underdogs covered the spread, which was between two and three points.

Chris Duhon
Duhon's buzzer-beater padded the wallets of some lucky bettors.

Those who put money on the Huskies, who had a 12-point run late in the game to take the lead, suddenly had lost their bet. Those who put money on Duke to cover collected their winnings.

With approximately $100 million being bet on March Madness each year in Las Vegas and about $2.5 billion wagered online according to the FBI, the Duhon shot transferred anywhere from $30 million to $100 million from those who bet on UConn to cover the point spread to those who bet on Duke to cover, as estimated by those closely tied to the sports gambling business.