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04-28-2005, 02:04 PM
There is hope. If we act now we can prevent this but time is running out and there is a point of no return toward which we are racing. We have to put the word out. We have to find the ear of leaders. We have to stop the mechanization which has brung us to this precipice. We need Al Gore.

Al Gore invented the Information Superhighway. Even while there is no evidence to support it, Al Gore began the thankless fight against global warming. He was the only man in high office to recognize there was too much English on the Internet. He has the uncanny ability to draw enormous funds from unlikely sources to pay for his dreams. He is a lifelong, very savvy politician who has placed the planet before all else. As the son of a life long tobacco farmer, he was in position when needed to suck wealth from the heartless tobacco overlords for the good of the children. Al Gore can stop the ravages which we all face. You can, no you must, help. Do all you can to bring this crisis to the attention of Al Gore, of the United Nations, the Green Peace movement, and AARP, so that our children's children will still be able to call Florida "America's sunbelt".

Of course, I could be wrong.


04-29-2005, 09:18 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote link:</font><hr> Enough science. [ Now for the crazy talk ] Here is the threat and it is real: Because more and ever more aircraft and all they carry are airborne the weight carried about the surface of the earth is diminished. This is equivalent to the skater pulling her arms toward her body. The result is, the world's rate of spin is increasing and it is doing so at an increasing rate. This is serious by itself, but what is an even greater hazard for us all is that the weight aloft has not come from uniformly distributed sources. In a word, the world is falling out of balance just as if a tire has thrown a balancing weight; it is beginning to gyrate wildly. The most obvious evidence is the so-called "El Nino" effect. The entire Pacific ocean is sloshing because the earth is becoming unbalanced. <hr /></blockquote>

This crazy talk just makes for ammunition for the neocons and distracts from real problems that are being ignored.

Yes, we really blew it when we elected Bush instead of Gore.