View Full Version : True blue/State of Mind?

02-21-2002, 10:00 AM
So why do you feel the need to always get the blue chalk stain out of your shaft?
"Boy I have got to keep it clean", (I am not really sure why, probably because bathrooms look better clean, I don't know why), "I think I do know why, but am I doing it because I want my cue to look good and or does it make me play better, or is it better for the wood, or, gosh there are so many options to address, hope I don't say the wrong answer, I could look like a fool, worse yet an idiot." Or should I let it get dark blue so everyone asks me, how did you do that? (think of all the extra attention I will get, cool, eh?).
Answer: I have very dry hands. IMOP the more hand oil etc. imbedded will help preserve the shaft wood. I do remove noticeable dirt when it is felt during stroking. I would rather add cue silk than remove existing "curing", and I would rather do what works for me. So if I am ever out there playing again feel free to ask me, "why is your shaft so blue"? Frank said it best in a song. "I did it my way?" wish "I" was on the highway. Later BF

Scott Lee
02-21-2002, 09:45 PM
I'm with you! I rarely do ANYTHING to my shafts. I DO wash my hands, though. I also don't make much of an issue of the shaft being "perfectly" smooth. Guess it's my way of saying, if you have a good stroke, not much bothers you!

Scott Lee