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05-01-2005, 06:25 PM
I replied to a Fantasy9BAll player on AZ and felt it is fair to post what I Posted on AZ so everyone is aware.

Fantasy9Ball did not work out the way we had intended. I have the complete list of Fantasy9Ball players who paid. I also have the list of players that did and did not receive prizes. All of which will be receiving a personal email very soon asking to fill out a web form verifying proper mailing addresses. I will be refunding each player that deserves. People that did receive prizes or some of their prizes from sponsors will be refunded partially. Players who did not receive any prizes will be fully refunded the amounts they paid which were 5.00, 15.00 or 50.00.

For those of you who do not know what Fantasy9Ball was;

Fantasy9Ball was an online Fantasy Site that allowed you the fans to pick players that were playing in real events. Based on how your players ended up you were awarded prizes. 90% of the prizes were shipped direct from the sponsors of the site. Fantasy9Ball was intended to be an avenue where fans could follow events. People won and MANY received prizes such as Joss Cues, Sigel Cues, Sardo Racks, Talisman Tips and Cases, Tip Tools, etc. All of which were donated as sponsor packages.

Fantasy9Ball.com brought in around $2,300.00. Fantasy9Ball had many expenses as you could imagine (Design, Maintenance, Shipping, etc.). There was no money to speak of being made here as this was not the honest intention of this site. We wanted to help pool by allowing users to become more involved with the sport. Pool is one of the hardest sports to promote or gain real attraction. Fantasy9ball didnít work out as MANY New Promoters of events find out, Itís hard to promote pool in any aspect. Pool just doesnít seem to be one of those sports that draws a large audience as compared to others.

I appreciate all of the sponsors efforts and fans who participated. My deepest apologies to everyone that Fantasy9Ball did not work out. I pulled the plug. I take the full blame.

Brady Behrman