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05-01-2005, 08:04 PM
I just returned home from a most phenomenal week in Vermont with Master Instructor Tim White the "Australian Oyster" and I must say it was one of the best expierences I have every had. There was 12 of us and we spent every day during class from 9am to 3-4pm non stop. Each day everything became more intense but in the end it all came together when Tim assembled the Angles of Truth, the Tangent tool, the Spin graphic sections and the Vector all together. We had been learning each piece and the meaning but as it was assembled each piece had more meaning in the end than during the instruction. I have to say, the instruction by Tim was far more than I had envisioned, his passion is really amazing. Wednesday after class he took 4 of us on a tour of the mountains which lasted 4 hours. He took us by a sacred place along side the mountain river where people come to stack rocks as mostly spirtual meanings. It was such a delight to have this bonus time. He showed us some bears and a moose off the path. We were in his Jeep so the off road expierence was awesome. The Sanctuary is a super wonderful place. You can see the intense love for this art that Tim has and his teaching really shined through. We all had a super time. The video analysis was a real eye opener. He has a very unique way of overlaying each student on a big screen TV where we all can see ourselves in frame by frame mode and in real time. He stops the camera at the points where we are moving out of the template he has on the screen. It is so clear as to what we are doing wrong and right at every stage. When I arrived he had cameras set up where we all had very specific things to to but they were very systematic. My physical performance, I thought was great but after spending the entire day learning all the finer details and then seeing them I had doubled my performance with the cue. I met 4 wonderful ladies who were in the class also who are from England. They are all snooker players and we each played many games of nine ball in the evening. Tim stayed up with all of us most night until real late working on our games and also playing with each of us. The way he controls what he does is so magical to watch. I think we all were in awe most of the time watching more than thinking about our own games. During class and in the evening Tim showed us over 30 trick shots and something that I will never forget was watching him pocket 26 balls in a row while they were moving and 11 in a row behind his back. The timing of this is amazing and he does it like it is so easy and on a 9 ft gold crown. The balance of enjoying ourselves along with the intense learning during the day was perfect. I must say I passed my final with a 96%. The highest in the class. The 100 question final exam took me almost 2 hours total during the week to complete. It is really amazing how much, even after watching the videos over and over, Tim had to teach. I really feel like my game will soar from this amazing trip. I highly recommend it.

05-01-2005, 10:52 PM
I've got his 10 dvd instructional set and it's really well done for sure.Did he get you to or insist that you change your stance to a open snooker stance.Just curious because that's what he advocates, or were you allowed to maintain your 45 degree sideways stance if that's what you had?

Just kinda wondering if he a "it's my way or the highway" type of guy when it comes to instruction.

Anyways he sounds like a real nice guy and that it was a trip of a lifetime for you. Let us know a few months for now how your games improved. RJ

ps. If you don't mind me asking, how much does it cost?

pss. I saw some of those good looking girls on his dvd set.
Did you get phone numbers /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif

05-02-2005, 07:11 AM
Tim teaches reference points and the scientific meaning behind each. He doesn't teach you in any way that it is his way or the highway, in fact just the opposite. What he does is give you all the facts as knowledge and you make your own decisions how much to incorporate or not. When you make a shot and when you miss he wants "YOU" to be able to know what you did in all aspects. His goal is for you to have every bit of knowledge he has and to incorporate it as you wish with no limit to your performance. In fact the stance we covered quite in depth. He teaches the ABC with scales to show the distribution of your balance during the entire process of the shot. Very neat stuff. He believes that if you want to make a million dollars that you must set your goal at 2 million. The 2 million $ reference point in the stance is totally square to the shot and parallel feet just inside the grip. He knowns and realizes that most of us won't ever a final there but we know the exact meaning of what each point of your body does with that ABC stance. We also know what the extreme reference stance will do for you and there are a few positives but only a few compared to the square. So the correct position is based on "physical" build and comfort which when you use the knowledge you are able to achieve. The 1-1 ratio of movements of the left foot (right handed) players is important to find that correct position. The women seemed to fit into the stance quite easily but they were already close to begin with. I have a lot of information from the course manual which will go along perfect with the videos, can't wait to start reviewing. The cost was $900 Tim gives a 10% discount to students who have purchased the videos. I have spent 3 times that on golf lessons for half the time and received about a quarter of the information not to mention this was so much fun. All the table time is included which I spent about 30 hours plus class time. Tim asked me not to mention the Angles of Truth to others yet and I won't say much more but what he has invented is amazing. He said he hopes to have it available this summer. You have got to see this.
PS: Yes I do have everyones phone number and info. I made some super friends.

05-02-2005, 04:54 PM
I noticed all the replies about the elbow drop and this is an area where the video analysis really showed with all of us what happens in slow motion. If there is ever a thought or motion towards dropping the elbow then the perfect pendulum moves "upward" in a forward direction. Tim talked quite a bit about the re-acceleration that is needed at the bottom of the pendulum on the 2nd thousandths of a second through the ball. This area must be consistent with the elbow in the exact same position every time. It is so clear now that I have time to understand it this way. Gravity will bring most of the cue weight down to the ball at the bottom of the pendulum and muscle brings it up to the finish. This will work perfect if the elbow remains in a constant fixed position.

05-03-2005, 10:28 PM
Worked on my game tonight for about 2 hours and what a difference all the knowledge is taking. One thing, Tim spent about an hour with us (ironically at the bar)with his juicer and a whole list of fruits and veggies plus you guessed it Oysters. He taught us many things about the human body and what we need to do to be super healthy. I must say I have to believe him because of his lifestyle and he looks extremely fit. The A. Oyster power I have had before and this is what he fixed for us all but I was the only one who knew what the others were in for. It was quite amusing to see the girls try their best to get it down and Tim made it a contest with a very deserved reward for the winner. Not quite Fear Factor but close, this is really healthy just not what us normal people are used to. Tim had mentioned seeing the line and following the cue tip towards that line in your mind but focusing on the bottom of the contact line on the object ball. The tip on the table became a real fun class after Tim slipped up and said to the girls tits on the table. I think he meant tip but he played it off very well the rest of the class with them and it worked. We all had so much fun with this throughout the rest of the class and in the evening when we were all real relaxed. The resort has an indoor pool, sauna and hot tub which we all took advantage of a few nights. This was worth the trip in itself.
I have been working tonight thinking and laughing about the tits on the table thing and amazingly enough it is working quite well. Keep your tits on the table and put your tip on the table in the finish. I don't care where the balls go, just that I see the feedback from the tip on the line on the table. I worked on the practice session for 2 hours but in 12, 10 minute increments as Tim explained. The brain-- Front, Back, Left and Right. Very interesting! It is working more and more every day and I am having so much fun knowing that I continue to improve in a most significant way.

05-04-2005, 09:13 AM
I too ordered Tim's DVD series and it was great. He is intense isn't he?

I only order the advanced series DVD's #6-10 but now wish that I had ordered the entire set to possibly add pointers that I may be missing when I teach.

I've Emailed him on stance and looking forward to his response:

I worked two years (40 years playing) on perfecting stance as I know it to use as I instruct(he has a diff.view of course). I'm am 1 of 2 instructor's at Hardtimes Billiards in Sacramento, CA (the largest hall w/back room w/bleachers).

Here's what I teach the beginners and intermediates: There are 3 basic stances (reverse for lefties).....1) rt.handed no dominant eye = 45 degrees to the Cue....2) right handed right eye dominant 45 degrees and pull left foot back 1/2 a shoe length.....3)right handed left eye dominant (as I am) 45 degrees and push left foot 1/2 shoe forward / the length of a dollar bill. This system adjusts the upper body and head such that the dominant eye is closer to where one needs to be for more accurate shots.

Additionally: since I'm left eye dominant close in cuts to the right are my biggest challenge so....Before I stroke I always close my right eye to check my orientation - if the LEFT side of the nostril is lined up with the RIGHT side of the CS I'm aimed. On right cut shots the left side of my nostril needs to be over the center of the CS. Works great for me!

Caution: as the years go by the ratio of dominant eye vs. the other can and probably will change. But this is a game of constant adjustments isn't it?

05-05-2005, 08:36 PM
Just wondering if you heard back from Tim on the Stance questions you had. I emailed him too and told him you would be emailing him about this and where it came from. One thing that I noticed and Tim stresses very much is that his video series is a progressive system and the order in which you learn (watch) them is very important. I really think you should have watched the first set which is 1 to 5 first before you watch 6 to 10. Each one in sequesnce in more advanced and more material which needs the previous to apply. I really found that out early. I do remember Tim telling me that #1 and #6 go together, #2 & #7 and so on.
Hope you are able to have all the information as a complete package. Nice to hear from you.