View Full Version : Thanks for the $20 Dr. Dave!

05-01-2005, 09:16 PM
I had a "last ball before 8-ball" shot in a tournament I was playing in tonight (opponent left me there). I looked and knew the cue ball would scratch with a cut because of the 90 degree rule, so chose a bank shot which I made and left the cue ball just right to sink the 8. I said to myself: "Thanks Dr. Dave!"

Then at the end of another game, I had a shot at the 8, knew a stun would scratch, but that a follow would go where my "peace sign" fingers pointed. So I cut the ball in with follow, made the OB and the cue ball avoided the pocket just as advertised. I again said to myself: "Thanks Dr. Dave!"

So I won $20 (very small tournament), but know I would not have won squat if I didn't know about these rules.

Thanks again for all your help.