View Full Version : Meter man allegedly steals $30G in coins

05-07-2005, 11:25 AM
May 7, 2005

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- The man who was in charge of emptying parking meters in the town of Mount Kisco has been accused of stealing more than $30,000 in quarters.

Jason Berke, 29, was charged with grand larceny, Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro said Friday.

Defense lawyer James Lenihan said Berke pleaded innocent at his arraignment Thursday night. "Nobody has bothered to tell me how they even determined that my client did anything wrong," Lenihan said.

Pirro said that from April to December 2004, Berke would deposit coins once a week in change machines at grocery stores to get cash.

The thefts stopped after village officials, suspecting a loss of parking-meter revenue, changed the meter collection procedures, the district attorney said.

If convicted, Berke would face up seven years in prison.

link (http://www.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2005/05/07/meter_man_allegedly_steals_30g_in_coins/)