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05-21-2005, 10:44 AM
OK, now this is going to sound strange, but part of my preshot routine has taken a vacation. I didn't know how important this particular thing was until last night and I missed shots that I should never miss. Here's the deal...

When I shoot pool, part of my routine is, as I'm lowering myself to the table for the shot, just before my bridgehand hits the table, I ALWAYS bite on the inside of my lower lip on the left side. OK, well, I had an abcess in my upper canine tooth on that side (a bad one that killed the tooth... probably wouldn't have been so bad had I gone to the dentist earlier, but I'm stubborn and think aspirin cures everything). Thursday morning my dentist pulled the tooth and had already fashioned a partial to replace it. OK, no big deal, right? Well, last night I'm playing a game and every time I bend over the table, I bite my lip on that side and it HURTS! It's amazing how a little plastic partial can put so much pressure on a new hole in your mouth!!! So I quit biting and I started missing shots. Not the easy ones, but the mor difficult shots just weren't going near the pockets. Jawbone and gums feel better today and I'm sure by tomorrow they'll be OK and I can go back to biting my lip... hope so, I have a tournament tomorrow!!!

I just thought it was strange how something this insignificant can become an important part of a preshot routine and how much difference it makes when you get out of routine.

Quick last note... I know of a very good pro player whose game went to hell after he quit wearing eyeglasses. His "instructor" helped him get his game back by putting something back in his preshot routine that had been missing since he'd gotten rid of the glasses. If you'll watch at some of the tournaments, you'll figure out who I'm talking about. Right before he gets down to shoot, he will reach up and push his invisible glasses back on the bridge of his nose with his index finger. Does it every time, even though the glasses are no longer there. I guess it was just so much a part of how he shot pool for so many years with glasses, that leaving it out blew up his game. Putting it back in cured his problems.


05-21-2005, 12:18 PM
I've a friend that had lasik and lost the same pre-shot routine of pushing his glasses back on his nose. He had difficulty adjusting, he kept (out of a long time habit) pushing the, no longer there, glasses, but it was more of a distraction than part of his routine.

He changed that part of his routine to just 'smiling' to acknowledge the distraction and being glad to not have to wear glasses anymore.

You might want to consider that your routine hasn't change, just that your pain is a reminder that you've fixed a problem and soon you'll be playing as good as ever.