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06-09-2002, 09:40 AM
i was watching a bert kinister video just recently and he made a reference to aiming with your body. just out of interest how do you do this? can someone shed some light on this .....thanx jason

Jay M
06-09-2002, 10:03 AM
I haven't seen any of his videos, but what I'd guess he is referring to is the way you position yourself for the shot. For me, there is a straight line from my upper arm through my eyes and with my feet also that all point to my aiming point, kinda hard to explain, but I've seen players that get down to shoot, are just a bit off on their aiming point and rather than standing up and adjusting their whole body, they will lean towards the shot. When you do that, you are off balance and tend to pull or push the cue unnaturally, causing a miss.

Just a guess at what he is talking about based on the context of the question

Jay M

06-09-2002, 10:19 AM
Jason- I'm not familiar with that tape, but it sounds like the concept used by competetive target (rifle/pistol) shooters. A shooter will get into position, align his sights on the target, and then close his eyes for several seconds. If the sights are still aligned when he opens them, his position is correct, but if they have drifted off target, he will move his entire body until they are back on target. Trying to "muscle" the sights back will result in a miss. "You aim with your feet."
Similarly, if our address/stance is correctly aligned with the shot, the stroke flows naturally in the correct line. If we're fighting against our stance with muscle action, the stroke will be forced, cramped, or off-line. "You aim with your feet."

Walt in Va

06-09-2002, 10:24 AM
Bert Kinister has a video entitled "The Mighty X". It's damn sure worth it's weight in GOLD. This video does refer to Bert's theory of "Aimimg with your Body". Bert is referring to the angular alignment of your torso to the shot path. Set up, pull the Cue back & see where the stroke goes....Left? Right? of Contact Point? You can learn to rotate your body into the shot, for correct alignment,& very soon you can CLOSE YOUR EYES & fire the shot in the hole. Now, I ain't suggesting you close your eyes to shoot pool.. but imagine how HIGH your confidence level will rise, with that capability. Now you can concentrate on SPEED, with the STROKE taken care of. Don't believe it, don't buy the Video.
This Video will show you how to shoot STRAIGHT & CONTROL Whitey.... cb

06-09-2002, 11:05 AM
Aiming with the body is nothing more than getting into your shooting stance prior to getting down to shoot.

This would be a very good part of your Pre-Shot routine. You can develop aiming with your body by visualizing the line to the cue ball for your cue stick, that will the same line for the cue ball to object ball.

Have you ever been down on the cue ball, getting ready to shoot and felt your arm, shoulder, chest, weight of your body? These are all distractions and feedback from a poor stance. IMO you should be able to lift your bridge hand and cue straight up without loosing your balence. This would be another good feedback of a proper stance.

06-11-2002, 09:48 AM
Jerry Briesath says to "lock your chin" in line to the contack point on the object ball....