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Harold Acosta
06-09-2002, 10:10 AM
The following post was made at Matchroom Sports on the discussion of inviting Tony Robles to represent Puerto Rico at the 2002 World Pool Championships. So far, no response has been received from Luke Riches.

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quote from Luke Riches:

Tony Robles is obviously a very popular guy and it is nice to see so many people batting for him on this site. The bad news is that he can't get a Matchroom Sport wildcard - there aren't any left. The player split is divided as follows: 32 to Matchroom Sport and 96 to the WPA. Of the 96 from the WPA, 13 go to the USA ( as well as Nick Varner as a former recent champion). For whatever reason, Tony Robles name was not on the list supplied by the UPA via the BCA. Presumably he did not get a high enough ranking or play in sufficient tournaments to get in the top 13.Matchroom's 32 spots are for players around the world who fall through the WPA net. For example the WPA nomination includes only ONE British player so therefore we need to provide some home interest. Also 12 of the spots are for the open qualifying competition. When the pressure for our places is so great, it is hard to justify including another player from a country that already has over 10% of the total entry. Sorry not to be able to include Tony who obviously has the credentials. Perhaps he would like to try and qualify, there are, after all, plenty of spots to play for.
Luke Riches

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My response:

Have you considered inviting Tony Robles as a representative of Puerto Rico?

Speaking on behalf of the Players of Puerto Rico, I am certain that we would be proud to have Tony represent us at the World Pool Championships. Many of the top players in Puerto Rico who know Tony, would not have any trouble whatsoever in having him represent us, as he has done in the past.

What is the possibility of having him represent us in this tournament. I have seen the names of many players from the US who are representing their countries, such as Ernesto Dominguez, Mika, and others we all know. Tony could easily represent us with any conflict. Puerto Rico is a recognized Olympic country, separate from the United States; therefore, on this fact alone, we should also be recognized by all other sports, non-sports organizations in the World. The US Open run by Barry Behrman recognizes Puerto Rico as a separate Country, why not the World Pool Championship?
So the bottom line here is..What can be done to have Tony as our legitimate representative?

You have the word.....

Harold Acosta Jr.