View Full Version : Cue conversion.....is it possible ?

05-31-2005, 06:49 AM
Ok here it is in a nutshell, well I'll try anyway. Over the years my love for pool continues to grow. With this I keep upgrading my equiptment in hopes to improve my game, which I have. Unfortionately the only thing that will definately improve my game is finnaly finishing my Rec. room. Anyway one of the first decent cues I purchased(I empasize decent) was a McDermott, middle to base model, about $250.00. I do not want to continue to upgrade and leave the old sticks to collect dust. I am sure we all agree that we don't want the cues we love and take such good care of to be sold to people that might ruin them. I know that McDer. makes a jump/break cue which I am sure pales in comparison to others. It looks like the joint for the jump portion is right below the where the wrap ends....so why can't I just have them or any other qualified cue shop put a joint in there. By the way I live in WI where McDer is made. The reason I don't just buy one is that I did use this cue for shooting, but ocasionally would break with it, and LOVED how it felt breaking. If anyone read the cuetec question from disturbed_won, you would know that I now use my old unliked Cuetec for breaking. I just Purchase a Predator and am pleased. with how it works, so the cues change orders once again. I want to put a hard tip on this McDer and continue to keep it in my case. But I also am in the market for a jump cue, which would also mean purchasing a new case to accomidate more sticks 2butts/3shafts right now.

05-31-2005, 07:53 AM
There is probably a steel pin where you want to cut the cue.

05-31-2005, 08:17 AM
There can be a couple of problems in the conversation. First, depending on the model and construction, you can compromise the construction of the handle portion of the cue because it was not designed to convert. Secondly, you might change the way the cue feels when you break with it because one of the reasons listed above (changing the integrity of the cue itself) so now you might not like the way it breaks with the converted joints. Lastly, it might be costly to convert, these things can cost more than it is worth.

I would recommend either buying a decent jump break cue, soome are only like $80 discounted, or if you have enough room in your case like a long side pocket get a jump cue that you can break down and slide in.