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06-04-2005, 07:26 PM
I posted the below on AZ but no one has found a pic yet. Anybody here have any info?

I was looking for a picture of the "king james" cue by meucci. I seen it on an old instructional video that Rempe and Lora lee jones did and would love to see some close up pictures of it. Please let me know if anyone knows if or where I can see a picture of this cue. Thanks.

Here is some information I found online and on doing a search on forums:

from http://www.headspot-billiards.com/info-cuemakers-meucci.htm

"Meucci has also made some of the most intricate and ornate cues ever built. The Taj Mahal cue featured a bird's eye maple forearm with a scene depicting scrimshawed ivory elephants carrying treasures up an Indian ebony winding road. The cue was inlaid with lapis lazuli, bloodstone, and over 3-1/2 ounces of 14 karat gold. The cue took over 350 man-hours of labour to complete. Another famous Meucci cue was "The King James." Originally made for Jim Rempe, this cue was inlaid with gold, ivory, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds. It sold new for $22,000, but has sold several times since, each time for more money. It is known to have sold for $40,000 and is rumoured to have brought $75,000."

from http://www.azbilliards.com/vbulletin/upload/showthread.php?t=11764&page=2&pp=40&highlight=remp e

<blockquote><font class="small">Quote VitoCorleone:</font><hr>A couple of years ago I played and talked to Jim Rempe at Germanys Billards Expo in Essen.

He played the "Taj Mahal" by Meucci. It's very expensive anyhow, but he had it individualized with real ivory, platinum and gold inlays.

He told me it was worth 50.000$ and he didn't allow anyone even to touch it.

I still remember the look on his face as somebody from the crowd tried to take it in his hands....[/QUOTE]

06-04-2005, 09:58 PM
Jim Rempe was in Cincinnati playing in the Joey Speath memorial 9 ball event. Rempe and David Howard had a booth setup selling Bob Meucci cues. The date was January of 1988.

I use to work for Meucci when I lived in Memphis TN in the early 80s where Bob had a little shop on Getwell avenue.

I asked Jim if I could see his "King James" cue made for him by Bob Meucci, and to my surprize he got it out of his case and HANDED it to me. I told him "NO.. I just want to see it, I don't have to hold it..." and he quickly said.. "it's ok.. just be careful"

Gold inlayed "Royal Crown" with REAL diamonds at the points of the Crown. In 1988 it was valued around $15,000.

Absolutely the most ornate cue I've ever held and Jim was very proud of it.

"Taj Mahal"? sadly I've never heard of this cue. But, I'm still learning how to play this game after 40 years of Banging.

Jimmy B
06-06-2005, 01:42 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote Tom_In_Cincy:</font><hr>
"Taj Mahal"? sadly I've never heard of this cue. But, I'm still learning how to play this game after 40 years of Banging. <hr /></blockquote>

I member it, it had elephants on it, I know I've seen it before, not sure if I can remember if I have a pic, I might just look.