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06-13-2005, 09:23 AM
About 1:00 am, I get a call from my girlfriend's son. He said she was broken down with a flat tire near my house. She had hit a pothole in the road and it knocked a dent in the rim of the wheel and it was leaking air. Understandably she was quite upset about it. I commenced with the work. While I was changing the tire she declares "Somebodies f****** with me!". I said you just hit a pothole, I'll have it fixed in a minute.

She said "Oh yeah, well look at this." She then produced a CD with a chunk broken out of it and a rusty paint scraper and said "These just happened to be lying on the roadside right by the pothole." Well, failing to see how the above implements could be employed, in the construction, of said pothole, my response, as men have for millennia when confronted with the irate rantings of an irrational female, was to grunt and continue with the work at hand.

Well, right then another car pulls in with a flat tire and parks right next to us. The guy jumps out and says "Wow, I just hit the big pothole." Good, now she has someone to talk to about it. At this point I called to police to tell them to send someone to deal with the pothole because we are going to run out of parking places at the 7/11.

I got her spare out. It was flat and the guy didn't have any tools to change a tire. Am I the only guy in Flarda who carries tools in his truck? The air machine was out of order so I went down the street to fill the tires up. (That guys spare was flat also. How do city folk manage to survive?) I left them discussing who was going to be blamed/chewed out/sued.

When I got back they had worked their way up to writing our congressman, so I mounted the tire and let the guy use my tools to mount his and the police arrived. He asked where the pothole was. She began to give him a turn by turn story of the odyssey, that brought her to this point. I interrupted and told him where it was. I hit it also but it hardly affected my vehicle. The cop said he would be back and went off to take care of it.

Well, the works done and you would think she would be happy to be on her way. I said let's go and she said "No, I'm mad and I'm waiting for the cop to get back." I finally got her to leave.

Women! What do you say? Humphf, and go back to work. /ccboard/images/graemlins/laugh.gif

06-13-2005, 09:44 AM
Hey Charlie,

I don't get it - why did she call her son and have him call you?

BTW, I went to the UPS web site this morning and used their estimator for shipping your cue to me before the chili cookoff. Packaged as I mentioned in a thinwall PVC sewer tube with bubble wrap and newspaper, it will weigh about 5 pounds and be 36 inches long. Insured for $1500, the cost was $14.07. That's assuming you drop it off at a UPS customer center. Guaranteed delivery on or before the 16th if you ship today. I don't understand why they quoted you $90, but that is way out of the ballpark. Did you ask for overnight or something?

Don't forget to note that my address is not a residence, it makes a difference in the price.


9 Ball Girl
06-13-2005, 11:07 AM
Um, why did she call you? She couldn't change a flat?

Wendy<---has gotten broken nails and dirty hands changing flats, and I loved it!