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06-16-2005, 10:39 AM
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Hilarious Ways To Have Fun At Work

Thinking of taking a day off? Forget It!

If you want more hilarity than you can handle, then work is the place to be! We've found some fantastic ways to make your workplace so much fun, you won't want to go home!

Mondays will never be the same again!

Social and Behavioral Studies

Start rumors,


company relocating, new boss, random drug testing, phone bugging, compulsory personality testing, new compulsory exercise policy, etc.

See how far the rumors escalate.

Getting away without doing any work

Sneaky naps - for people with their own offices without windows. Spill paper clips, pencils or staples on the floor about 6 feet from the door to your office. Lie down and go to sleep with your feet against the closed door and your hand in the pile of paper clips. When someone pushed the door open, quickly get up on your knees, and you have the perfect excuse for being on the floor!


Find a small cardboard box and remove the bottom. Place it on your chosen victim's desk with the bottomless side down on the desk. Fill the box with hole-punch waste, seal the box lid and adress it to the victim. When the victim gets to their desk, they will automatically pick up the box and create their own little blizzard!

Social and Behavioral Studies

Go up to Frank, when he's talking with Dave, and a group of others, and say "Hey Frank, do your impression of Dave!" When Frank protests that he doesn't do an impression of Dave, you say "Don't be modest, you had the whole room in fits yesterday". Then leave.


Put Deep Heat muscle rub on all toilet seats.

By the way, don't come running to us if you get told off or fired.

Cueless Joey
06-16-2005, 11:55 AM
Start rumors,


company relocating, new boss, random drug testing, phone bugging, compulsory personality testing, new compulsory exercise policy, etc.

See how far the rumors escalate.
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That'll spread like wild fire.
Bullet faster than sound. Superman faster than bullet. Rumors at workplace faster than Superman.

06-16-2005, 07:57 PM
Here's one for ya ...

Lift the lid on the toilet in the womens room and cover the commode with saran wrap ...

Lower lid and leave ... /ccboard/images/graemlins/cool.gif

06-17-2005, 09:24 AM
Well, I have been known to do a couple things.

One time we when the boss was out of town, we took all the files out of the file drawer in his desk. We then lined the drawer with plastic , filled it with water and built an aquarium. Rocks, plants, goldfish, everything. Even had a little castle in the middle.

Clear monofilament fishing line is always fun. In an office environment you can't see it against a wall if you are over a foot away. It's great for rigging all sorts of booby traps. I bought a couple of trash cans full of these plastic balls. The kind you see kids diving into. I took out a couple of ceiling panels and shaved them down so the would just fit and rigged them like trap doors over the bosses desk. I then ran the mono down the wall and tied the end of it the the drawer of her computer keyboard. I didn't get to see the actual event. When I came round the corner there were not only balls all over the office they had spilled out into the hall. Guess I used too many.

Probably the best one was Becky and the pager. I was walking down the hall one day past the receptionist desk and noticed the door to the ladies room was proped open. I could see Becky and this guy named Andy in there. Andy was knelt down with his ear against the bottom of the toilet. He then got up and went past me to the receptionist phone, dialed a number, and went back and put his head back against the base of the toilet. It turns out that Becky's pager had dropped off her belt right while the toilet was flushing. Andy was calling it to see if he could hear it and recover it. Don't ask me why?

Well later on that day I got another pager and some tools and constructed a bracket to mount the new pager inside the toilet tank. I then gave the new pager's number to the receptionist and told her that when Becky goes in there, give her about a minute and dial this number. She was unaware of the modifications that I had made to the toilet, but gleefully agreed anyway.

The next morning everyone was bringing Becky coffee. She thought she was just having a nice day. Little did she know that evil was not far away. Execution was perfect. We caught her right on the throne. Her first thought was shock. "No, it couldn't have come back!". I was sitting in my office when I heard Becky yelling down the hall, "WHO PUT THIS PAGER IN THE TOILET!!??"

Ah, yes. A little evil goes a long way. What's the use of having people in the office if you can't play with 'em?

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