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06-17-2005, 02:39 AM
A few days ago I was playing in a weekly tournament and drew a player who is widely known as a nit and wants to win so badly he really turns into a jerk. I was up 2-0 and I had just pocketed the 5 ball, had gotten the position I wanted and was about to get down on the 6 when the guy walked up to the table and said I moved the 6 ball before I shot the 5. I asked him how and he said during my practice strokes my shirt brushed the 6 and it moved an inch or so. From where I was on the 5 I couldn't see how I touched the 6, but I didn't argue with him. I asked him what we are supposed to do in that situation, and since we don't call a foul on unintentionally moving an OB, he moved the 6 to a spot where he said it was. I stared at the shot for a few seconds and it wasn't right. I had surveyed the table before getting down on the 5, and I played position with the cueball exactly to where I wanted to be on the 6. He had moved the 6 to a spot where there was a scratch in the side pocket and I had to draw two rails for position on the 7 instead of punching it across with center ball like I had planned before getting down on the 5. I didn't argue with him, and even though I still had a makeable shot, where he put the 6 made the position alot tougher and I rattled the 6 in the hole as a result, and he ran out. I didn't think of this during the match, but now that I think of it, shouldn't he have told me I moved the 6 ball BEFORE I shot the 5? He had plenty of time to do so, since I take 3-4 practice strokes and I pause for a few seconds before I shoot. Instead he called it after I had played position to where I wanted and as a result made the shot alot tougher and I missed. I honestly don't think I moved the 6 ball at all, and I think he made a bullshit call just to get an edge since I was up 2-0 running out to get 3-0. What do you guys think should have been done in that situation?

06-17-2005, 03:48 AM
He surely should have make the call the moment you have touched the ball.

06-17-2005, 04:45 AM
"he said during my practice strokes my shirt brushed the 6 and it moved an inch or so"

Must have been a pretty heavy shirt?

06-17-2005, 11:46 AM
The underlying problem here is assuming you did move a ball, there would be another problem had he interrupted you while in the course of shooting. What if he said something and it sharked you? Now, I agree that in all liklihood, your opponent's character should be questioned. Unfortunately, he's hit a gray area in the rules that grants him a little power over what happens at the table without any real way to keep him in check. If I were you, I would have immediately summoned a referee and had the entire episode happen infront of him. That way, your opponent's behavior is in the spotlight and he'll have some difficulty pulling the same stunt twice.

Your other option is to completely embarrass him. Make him feel like a complete idiot for interrupting your play and deny everything. Be loud about it, too. Call over the referee and act like you're on the verge of losing your temper because of this moronic interruption. Of course, YOU can't pull this stunt often either but I can absolutely guarantee NOBODY in that field will EVER pull a move on you again.

I'm really serious when I say this. Sometimes it's absolutely necessary to let the entire field know that you are not to be messed with. I don't know your skill level but these sort of moves are EXTREMELY common in C/D level events and although there are fewer of them as you move up the ladder, they still happen. As a rule, always try to tuck in your shirt. To a certain extent, the potential for such an occurance should dictate what you wear. When you do move a ball (even though you probably didn't here), you put yourself at the mercy of your opponent's good will (or lack thereof). Protect yourself and this will never be an issue.

Fran Crimi
06-17-2005, 12:50 PM
I think you should have disputed your opponent's call and gone to the TD and inform him of the dispute. Traditionally, when there is no referee on the scene and there is a dispute, the benefit of the doubt is given to the shooter, not the opponent.

Your opponent had the opportunity to give you the courtesy of warning you that your shirt was touching the 6 ball before you shot the 5. He chose not to. He may think he's playing within the rules by doing that, but that's just bad sportsmanship, IMO.


06-17-2005, 01:05 PM
I agree with Jude_Rosenstock's take on this scenario.
Your response to this kind of incident has to be dictated by the particulars right then and there.
As time goes by the tendency to remember the details differently and not alway accurately is a fact. Both parties are in the heat of competition and emotions can run high at that moment ...unfortunately...that is exactly when this kind of incident occurs and it needs to be addressed imediately, calmly (as possibly), logically, fairly (to both parties) and then get on with the game and forget it.

It is hard to know the end result of your actions all the time so in the interest of NOT interupting your own flow you try to believe the other guy is honest and honorable even it that is a leap. You'll sleep better if you let him be the bad guy and you remain always the gentleman and good sport win or lose.....It is a goal to aspire too.

Not always easy though, if it were easy we would all do it all the time and these issues would not come up. /ccboard/images/graemlins/cool.gif

06-17-2005, 01:43 PM
Here's what I may do in that situation:

If I doubted that I had actually moved the ball, I would ask him to provide some kind of proof. If there are no other witnesses, then it's his word against yours. Any TD is going to err in the favor of the shooter in this type of C.S. situation.

So, if he persists, I would insist on putting the ball back where it originally was sitting. Since you had been at the table most recently, you should know where it was better than anyone else.

After all of that, I would hunker down and concentrate on the match and beat him. Also, I would recruit someone to keep an eye on all future games with that opponent.

PS Did you win the match?