View Full Version : Little BIG Break

06-12-2002, 05:37 PM
Last year at the Maine State Championship they had a break contest, I think I got 26mph, and I was only 4'11" and probably 95 LB... Now that I have had my growth spurt (Which I hope is not over hahahah) I would liek to know if i break any harder... I am now 5'8" 125 LB (A year Later) and i still break from the same spot as always... I just posted this b/c i hate that people think you need to be "BIG" to break hard. I just snap my wrist, and pull my arm up to the side a little like Dany Hewitt Taught me how. Has anyone ever seen Dany break before... It is unreal! I can only do a little bit of it, and I do feel it helps with power. I now breaks with a Layani and breaks even harder then before... check out layani's site at www.layanicues.com (http://www.layanicues.com) They have the coolest design, I got to shoot with Tiffany's before she moved to Florida, and the hit IS UNREAL!

What do you guys think... does size mater? and what are your break speeds.