View Full Version : 8 Ball event Open to all added to Orlando Open

06-20-2005, 02:40 PM
8 Ball Event Added to The Orlando Open at Walt Disney World on August 3rd at 7 PM Both Open and Women’s Events!

The first being an added 8 Ball tournament to Wednesday and Thursday in both women's and Open divisions. There will be NO handicap to this event so just go in and play your best, all are welcome. The fee is $40.00 it includes a $5.00 registration fee. There is no added money to this event, and we will take as many people as we get. Pay at the door for this event. Sign ups will begin at 2 PM till 7 PM Wednesday. Players auction and play to begin immediately after auction. Play will be on 7 Foot Diamond Smart tables with Aramith balls and Simonis 860 cloth ~ for the BEST in tournament play!

Hotel information http://www.mousetyme.com/TheOrlandoOpen.html

Information on the 8 ball event will be added to the website soon. www.OrlandoOpen.com (http://www.OrlandoOpen.com) or call me at 630-244-2900