View Full Version : ALIVE !!!

06-22-2005, 04:59 PM
What a great story, finding the kid alive in the wilderness, after being lost for four days. The searchers had even shifted their focus, onto finding a body.
Good thing he didn't run into any wolves, or a hungry bear...he'd have looked like easy pickings, a tasty morsel to them...come to think of it...he'd have looked the same to MJ.
I even had sent along a tip to the police to look into a possible kidnapping by the green meanies from Neverland...but they had no reports of an 11 yr old shopping on Rodeo Drive for new clothes for his Mom.
Just imagine being 11, and lost in the wild...being alone for four days.....really nice ending....
I'm praying for the young lady mising in Aruba...but fear that outcome