View Full Version : DP News: Pool Ratings in Korea Soar!

06-22-2005, 06:07 PM
Dragon Promotions is pleased to announce the first 2 weeks ratings run of the MBCESPN Korea vs. Japan Ultimate Pool Challenge a huge success.

The first one hour run of the 6 part series aired and re-aired 6 times the first week. It broke all records of previous pool show ratings. It even surpassed Korea's #2 sport baseball in TV ratings that week. The average pool show on Korea TV comes from other Asian countries or the USA and Europe. Dragon Promotions produced this international event in Korea and more than doubled the ratings average of the other events prior. The highest ratings event prior was Ga Young Kimís win at the US Open. Tthe first hour of Korea vs. Japan shattered that record with a 40% increase in viewership.

The 2nd episode of Korea vs. Japan maintained its dominance on air with a repeat of the same ratings number. It re-aired 4 times that week. It was pitted against a professional carom event (which carom has traditionally gotten higher ratings than pool in Korea) and the Ultimate Pool Challenge garnered a 200% higher rating than carom.

The 3rd-6th episodes of Korea vs. Japan will continue in the next 4 weeks on MBCESPN Korea's #1 network.

The next Dragon Promotions production of the Brunswick Korea Pro Pool Tour event begins July 12-15, 2005.
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