View Full Version : WPC 2005,anyone taping it?

06-26-2005, 12:48 AM
Is anyone from the UK taping this full nine day event? The 8 hr a day coverage you get in the UK is unbelievable and very much the envy of 9 ball fans in Canada and the USA.

Check here for the unbelievable amount of LIVE coverage they are getting in the UK:

In Canada they show 2 hrs of highlights(1 1/2 hrs when commercials are editted,for all nine days) and in the USA last year they only showed a pathetic 4 hrs of coverage. IN TOTAL.Considering all the great American players, that's terrible.

Anyway, if anyone from the UK is reading this post and wants to trade tapes/dvd's, please give me a PM. I have several videos to trade. Much appreciated, RJ