View Full Version : On the way back from SPetty Point .......

07-01-2005, 08:27 AM
I spent several days trying to find pool halls.

One place I stopped had a full parking lot so I figured a tournament was going on. There was, a blasted poker tournament where they covered up all but four tables for the card games. So I went by another pool hall in the same town, all the tables were gone and replaced with slot machines. Other pool halls in several towns appeared to be closed for good or didnít open until late in the evening, sports bars of some sort, mostly a waste of time finding them.

Then I stopped by Mission Billiards in Alamogordo, NM at opening time, around 1 pm. All the tables were covered, even the one coin table. No video games, not even a jukebox that I could see. Donít think they even sell beer.

Nobody there except the lady that runs the place, turned out to be Wes Hunter's wife who is a cue maker and sponsor of the Hunter womenís tour. Nice lady and shoots pretty fair pool. Some young guys came in, she called her kids. Turns out young people were encouraged to come in and play although they were expected to behave. One boy, maybe 12 years old came over and asked if he could play me. Just tall enough to hold the cue over the table without a side arm, not a bad stroke although has a lot to learn. Then the little rascal wanted to play 1 pocket of all things! Had to get him to keep explaining the rules, it has been over 30 years since Iíve played one hole. To make a long story short, I had a good time in one of the very few ďrealĒ pool halls Iíve been able to find. They are encouraging new people to start playing and donít cater to the noisy drinking crowd just because they spend money.

I guess what Iíve learned on this trip is that we need to support the good pool halls or there soon wonít be any left.