View Full Version : Sacramento Jamboree

06-14-2002, 12:32 PM
For all you CCBers that told me I would not be disappointed by the Jamboree you were right on the money. A first sensational three days was took up with the One Pocket tourney. There was a great field with Santos Sambajon, Danny Medina, Tang Hoa, Kim Davenport, Jose Parica, Ernesto Dominguez, Rafael Martinez, Ronnie Allen, etc. Jose Parica losing only two games in winning 8 sets played brilliantly defeating Kim Davenport in the semis and young upstart Amar Kang in the finals. Jose just played one head above everyone else. Eight and out and lock up safeties was his main strategy. Rodney Morris just blew into town to get ready for the nine ball tournament by knocking down every one in his path in the pre mini tournament by running 4 and 5 racks effortlessly. Their is rumor that Corey Deuel and the Russian is coming. Lot of late night one pocket action. Thanks for the recommendation