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07-12-2005, 10:56 AM
Four players rack-em’ up and call the shots, each betting a hefty bankroll to out-hustle the competition.

When a challenge is made, both players put their cash on the table and match skills for one game of 9-ball. Meanwhile, the non-competing players pile on the pressure with side-bets ready to distract from the first shot to the last.

Bust your whole bankroll and exit the game. The last player standing pockets $20,000 and leaves the competition in the (chalk) dust. Get set as BALL BREAKERS will also host Celebrity games with Hollywood’s top talent playing for charities.

We are currently touring the country seeing who the best poolrooms are, in a tournament called "Battle of the Bars". For more information on the show and this tournament, logon to to: http://www.gsn.com/win/battle/
Casting Directors will be at each of these cities looking for the next hustlers for season 2.

Along with the "Battle of the Bars", thirty other cities across the country are participating in the "American Premiere Party". These cities will be tuning in to the show on it's premiere night: Monday, July 18th @ 10pm on GSN. To find more information and to see if your city is participating, logon to: www.ballbreakers.tv (http://www.ballbreakers.tv)

You can always email me: Jason@ballbreakers.tv with questions or concerns and please be patient while waiting for a response.