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07-16-2005, 01:54 PM
Men of the game

I’m interested in assembling the respected people of our game. This person may or may not be a male, I use the term in the human sense. This may or may not be a great player, but he (there it is again) is a benefactor of the game and probably was a good player at one time (certainly bitten by the bug). I suspect every community in the country has at least one. I’m hoping to find fresh blood…someone who is able to view old problems with new eyes. I see a lot of posts on every forum asking about the greatest players in the game…of all time…etc. I’m looking for the people who exemplify, to whom others look for guidance because they have a depth of knowledge of the game and have exhibited reasonable judgment…a patron of the game…someone who has balanced his love for the game with the rest of his life. Is there someone in your community you would like to honor by submitting their name as a person of influence?

I plan to contact these people…I will not pester or disturb anyone who doesn’t want to talk to me. Please do not post any telephone numbers or e-mail addresses. I will contact you for more information through the PM system.

I think a short descriptive reason for putting this person forward would be appropriate. If anyone would like to second a nomination…feel free. Please don’t publicly post detractive material about anyone…simply put it in a PM to me if you can’t be silent about a nomination.