View Full Version : Hey, wait a minute!

07-22-2005, 07:09 AM
Have you ever:

Walked up to the front door of your home with your car keys in your hand and press the button on the keyless remote expecting it to unlock the door and when it doesn't work you look at it and think what's wrong now, is the battery low.

Pull up to a stop light and get ticked off because the E-Pass electro-thingy that gets you through the toll booths without having to stop doesn't change the light to green and of course "what's wrong now, is the battery low."

Walking out of the grocery store with a plastic bag in one hand and your car keys in the other and press the keyless remote at the door to the grocery store and since it's an automatic door it opens and you walk through and not realize anything funny until you get half way to the car and ..."Hey, wait a minute!"

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