View Full Version : A pool buddy wants to sell me his table.

07-23-2005, 01:35 PM
Hey everyone, I'm new to the board. I look forward to learning a lot from you all! /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif

It's a 9' Connelly table with a couple of custom features.
It has Simonis cloth, which will come off to move the table, widened rails, dark cherry stained with matching light. He wants $4000 for it, but I think I could get him down to $3500.

I'm almost positive the table is in excellent condition as the owner of it is meticulous in every aspect of his life, especially his pool game.

Does this seem like something I should pursue?

07-23-2005, 07:32 PM
First thing you gotta know,is we would never consider asking a friend to lower the price of any thing,including his daughter. We are a first class pool forum made up of the playing elite. Get someone else to ask him if he would take $3000,and when he tells you, tell him the offer was an offence to his alleged intelligence,because the table is worth at least $300 dollars more than that,and then tell him because you are friends, you would go as high as $3400.If the puples of his eyes enlarge,that means he will go for the deal. Its great to have friends. Welcome to the forum. /ccboard/images/graemlins/cool.gif

07-24-2005, 04:18 AM
I believe that's a lot to ask for a used table. I'm not any sort of expert. Add about $1k to that and you could have a new Diamond P-2 as seen in the new issue of BD.

And welcome to the CCB. You'll get mostly helpful answers to your questions here. You can also try www.azbilliards.com (http://www.azbilliards.com)

07-24-2005, 08:54 AM
$3500 might or might not be a high price for a modern Pool Table. Do some research on the original value. You also need to think about adding chairs & Cue Rack. Chairs can cost up to $850 each & a Cue Rack can be $250 or more. You can buy cheaper chairs & cue racks, what will they look like next to your great Pool Table. Moving & setup costs have to be researched too.

Most local companies are going to want a nice price to setup & recover the table, even if you purchase the new cloth.

Spending money can be done right or wrong. Your new Pool Table setup is an investment, make it a good one.

07-27-2005, 05:00 PM
This sounds exactly like something he would say. Kind of makes me wonder if you aren't him. /ccboard/images/graemlins/shocked.gif