View Full Version : Any Atlanta Poolrooms for Young Players??

Chris in NC
07-23-2005, 06:20 PM
Myself, a friend and both our sons (age 16 and 12) are headed from NC to Atlanta this next week to catch a few Braves games. Wednesday night after the game we hope to find a poolroom the four of us can enjoy playing at. We're staying at a hotel in the Buckhead area, but don't mind traveling up to 20 miles to find a nice room. The young ones are both very good players and we'd love to show them a nice big city poolroom.

However of course the problem as with most nice poolrooms (which almost all serve alcohol) is that those under 18 are rarely admitted after a certain hour - even with an adult? We were turned away at The Poolroom in Marietta, GA on our last visit - my personal favorite poolroom in the Atlanta area.

Any suggestions on any other poolrooms nice enough to go to and with good equipment that would allow our young guys in fairly late in the evening? Thanks for all responses in advance - Chris in NC

Jay M
07-24-2005, 06:54 AM
You may want to retry the Pool Room, they are under new ownership within the last year. There's another that is about 15 minutes (non-rush hour) East on 285 that has decent equipment. There is also a smaller place that is more reminiscent of the old-time pool halls that is about 3 miles away from the Pool Room that has decent, but not great, equipment (Gandy tables that are old, get one of the front four if you go there, preferably the one closest to the bar) and has $5.00 all you can shoot from 12-7 every day. I'll try to get you the names of the other two or PM and I'll give you directions.

Jay M

07-24-2005, 07:56 AM
I'm under the impression that John still owns the Pool Room. . . .

However, he opened another "Pool Room" in Gwinnett, which I think is the one you mean, and I've heard that it's non-smoking (meaning, "under 18 welcome").

Also, Barleys downtown is non-smoking, but they only have 8-ft tables.


Chris in NC
07-24-2005, 08:33 AM
Heater and Jay, thanks for your responses. Actually I called The Pool Room in Marietta last night and was again told no one under 18 can be admitted even with an adult. They said it apparently has something to do with the county smoking laws - that allows them to permit smoking in their poolrooms only if they agree NOT to allow minors in the room.

IMO, this is at the absolute core of why our game of pool in this country is simply not growing at all in comparison to all other recreational sports! Simply there are so few nice places for young ones - beginners as well as skilled young players to go to to play and to learn the game from the better players.

What's funny is that I checked a few websites lists covering Atlanta area poolrooms. A number of them claim to have "friendly and family atmospheres", yet the bottom line is they DON'T allow minors in, even if accompanied with a responsible adult! Very frustrating. - Chris in NC

07-24-2005, 09:27 AM
Did you call The Pool Room in Gwinnett,Everyone I Know that shoots there says it a non smoking room.One of the guys I work with and knows the owner well told me I could take my 12year old in to shoot.You might run into Helena Thornfelt and Monica Webb there thats where they practice now brand new G.C.4.

07-24-2005, 07:16 PM
the new poolroom in Gwynett does allow kids, I was in there Friday and there was a toddler running around. Both Cues and the pool room in Marietta are over 18 cause of the law. I agree that this is a stifling blow but the new law says that if you allow anyone under 18 you must not allow smoking...Both major rooms, have opted to ban kids, instead of smoking...I think it is too bad. And think that maybe the pool room might consider for at least weekends trying it the other way around. Unfortanly kids to not spend a lot of money in these places, so the owners do not want to lose the more profitable business of the smoking adults.
The Gwynett room is beautiful with all new gold crowns, it is just off the Pleasant Hill Exit turn right at the Steak and Shake! It is entirely non smoking.