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07-28-2005, 12:50 PM
Thanks to everyone who has shared so much in this forum about their table shopping, buying, and playing experiences. I wanted to report what I've done this way, rather than by posting at the tail of the Olhausen Eclipse vs. Diamond Home thread....

After lots of educating, listening, and thinking, and viewing Connellys (which seemed to me the only logical alternative given my location and preferences), and liking some of the Connellys that I saw, I returned to the Olhausen dealer yesterday and realized that with its 12 months same as cash (vs. 6 months at the Connelly dealer), I could afford to get its beautiful New Orleans table because it is on sale as the table of the month there (making its cost just a few hundred bucks more than a Santa Ana - money well spent, I think). I slept on the possibility and made the buy decision this morning.

In addition to lots of help received through here, in another forum I got acquainted with an out-of-state guy who has sold Connellys and Olhausens. He gently guided me through many of the issues that newbies like I find themselves encountering when shopping for a pool table.

When I realized yesterday that I could afford the New Orleans table, I got very excited. Why? Because of all the zillions of tables I've seen on-line and in-person, its quality and styling (especially in the traditional mahogany finish on maple) uniquely tie together my fine American, Queen Anne, and Country French furnishings in what will be the pool room and its adjacent areas of my house ... with an awesome 9 ft. high-quality playing table. Can you tell I'm psyched?

FYI - I got it with Simonis 860 cloth because that seems to be the universal top cloth for serious players who want a cloth that wears well, in gold because of other furnishings and the light carpet in the room (so that I won't have to deal with dark chalk bits and dust under foot).

I got a reasonably good accessories package thrown in along with free delivery, set-up, and lifetime leveling so long as it remains in my same house. I also got an Olhausen corner cue stand, to handle my sons' many shorter Trouble Shooter cues (for just a tad more than I would have spent by buying on the internet).

I was going to buy Super Pro Aramith balls as well, but the dealer wouldn't go as low as the delivered price I've seen on joerackem's Nielsens Billiards page on e-bay (well-recommended on this or another forum). I think joerackem's going to sell me more than just a set of Super Pros - it's quite a list of great stuff at great prices that he has there.

I will buy lighting elsewhere, likely through the internet for not too much money. I plan to get it installed before the table arrives, with a dimmer. In the long run, I may design a light and build it myself when my basement woodworking shop gets "back in business" (my sons are old enough for pool, but not for unsupervised band saw and other power tool use!).

Thanks again, everyone. I greatly appreciate it /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif

07-29-2005, 01:44 AM
Congratulations on your new table. I myself just bought my first table (olhausen drake II w\accufast cushions, simonis 860 cloth lifetime warranty). Very exciting times man do you have to wait for your table? I've been waiting for mine for almost 2 1\2 weeks it feels like alot longer.