View Full Version : Billiard's Digest to be commended

Mr Ingrate
02-21-2002, 05:38 PM
I'm pleasantly surprised to see that BD is making a committment to maintain this board and respond to members.

The style of the board isn't a primary concern of mine, the support and feedback is. Anyway I'm on line and will lurk mostly and post sometime.

While using this board is not beyond my technical capabilities, I still prefer the old style (if properly supported). I'm also sorry that the archives seem to be gone. I'll probably spend most of my time over at that other board.

The change caused a number people to leave and I'm sure this is no shock to anyone. Sometimes I prefer to drive a '57 Chevy instead of my '00 Chrysler 300 M.

Again, Billiard's Digest is to be commended for displaying a commitment to their board members.

Now, if they would just send me my lucasi cue.

P.S. Now I'm not suggesting that anyone on this board needs one, but, if you need a free online spell checker you might check: